Keeping Your Buffalo Home In The Best Shape – A New Homeowners Guide The real estate market is thriving in Buffalo, as more people move to own their own homes. For…

Keeping Your Buffalo Home In The Best Shape – A New Homeowners Guide

The real estate market is thriving in Buffalo, as more people move to own their own homes. For many Americans, making the decision to buy their first home is considered of the most monumental moments of their lives. As well as the joy and feelings of achievement it evokes, buying your first home also comes with its share of responsibilities. There is the mortgage to deal with, the utilities and of course, home maintenance costs. For a first time owner, keeping a home in tip-top shape can begin to feel like a full-time job. Read on for some tips on navigating the world of home maintenance and DIY when it comes to your first home.

Create a Weather Appropriate Checklist

This will be one of the most useful things you ever do when it comes to home maintenance. The tasks of preparing and protecting your home changes with the seasons. In spring, give your lawns and any trees an inspection and discard any dead or damaged plants. Reseed as needed and plant any flowers you plan to grow. The temperature in Buffalo over the summer can average between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit; making it extremely hot and humid climate for plants. Spring temperatures are more conducive.

When approaching winter, its all about making sure your home is prepared for the harsher weather in the coming months. Buffalo tends to see a lot of snowfall in the winter months, so your home should be equipped to deal with it. This means having your heating and pipes checked, your chimneys cleaned and checking your roofs for any leaks or insulation issues. Poor insulation can cost you hundreds of dollars in heating bills and as of 2015, was affecting 90 percent of American homes. Get to know the signs of under insulation so you know what to look for year round.

Don’t Forget The Aesthetics

Finally, do an annual check on your home’s exterior and interior aesthetics. Cracked or peeling paint becomes particularly noticeable in the spring and summer after the snow has disappeared. A few hours on the weekend and a few cans of paint can have it looking as good as new. If you are looking to resell in a few years your home’s exterior paint job will influence its appeal. Around 62 percent of realtors suggest paint touch-ups for those looking to sell, according to a 2017 survey by the National Association of Realtors. It’s also a good time to check and clear out your gutters and downspouts. Maintaining your rain pipes and downspouts is a vital part of protecting your roof (and home) from moisture and damage. Throughout the winter, gutters may become filled with dirt or leaves which can hamper effective irrigation. Keep this in mind before winter starts as well; drains and gutters that are already filled may end up being damaged with the additional weight in the winter.

Routine Heating and Cooling Systems Check

Maintenance on your heating and cooling system is something you should do throughout all seasons. Both heaters and fans require regular cleaning to prevent gathered dust from spreading. Regular cleaning helps you to allergy-proof your home. Air conditioning units filters should be cleaned at least once a month. Hot water heaters should also be cleaned to remove any sediments or dirt that may have accumulated throughout the year. Ideally, aim to do this every one to three years, depending on the model.

A final tip is to schedule a few tasks to do each month. This way you can avoid the overwhelming feeling of trying to get it all done and stay on track as the seasons change. Most of these tips take very little time and can easily be done on your odd day off. This way you can keep your home looking beautiful and in its best condition, year round.