Stop smiling at me.


Look, we all know it’s not the best time to represent the local pro sports franchises on social media.

It’s tough to juxtapose the required “rah rah” histrionics with the reality of a fan base that generally falls somewhere between disgusted and numb.

And yes, it’s just a person tweeting, not the entire organization making a statement to the public. But it comes off that way and being asked stupid questions can feel a bit insulting.


Yes, I did know that. My first clue was that whole “drafted in 1983 but played his first game in 1986” thing. Wait… did you NOT know that? You actually sound surprised.


No. I’m not giddy. In fact, I forgot you were playing. How did you do? Did you win by a bunch of goals and earn 10 points and leapfrog your way into a playoff spot? (Just looked it up and you won 4-2. Sadly, this earned you just 2 points and had no impact on the Eastern Conference playoff picture.)

Let’s save terms like “giddy” for tweets like “Drew Stafford waived” or “Patrick Roy announced as new Sabres coach” or at the least “It’s opening night. Let’s try this thing again.”

But hey, the draft…


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