… and he doesn’t mean “we need you to be loud on 3rd down, 12th man.”

aaron williams

When you think of Bills CB Aaron Williams, it’s easy to think of his draft position and who he ISN’T.

2011 NFL Draft, Round 2

2011 draft- round 2

Williams knows he’s not very popular with Bills fans and he doesn’t care.



Many professional athletes share these feelings.

Few, however, think it’s a good idea to speak (or type) them aloud.

There’s an obvious “know YOUR role, nickel back on a 6 win team with an historically bad defense (bad enough to get its entire coaching staff fired) who happened to be drafted 2 picks before a QB starting in the Super Bowl this week” line here that we won’t use just used.

You’re not The Rock. You’re not even The Miz. You’re the jobber that fills airtime while the fans are waiting for the stars. You’ve got enough talent to have put you where you are. You probably work very hard. Good for you.

Know YOUR role.

(Weird choice to go with the capital “Him” in reference to Doug Marrone, but that’s certainly Williams’ prerogative.)

Buffalo sports fans are a fairly simple lot. Tell us you love us and we’ll love you.

Tell us we don’t matter? You’re out of the club.


  1. This guy has been a disaster of a draft pick and is a liability every time he is on the field. He has no ball awareness and is constantly out of position. He only dresses out of absolute necessity and if we had more depth at defensive backfield, he wouldn’t be on the roster. I remember reading up on this kid pre-draft and he was ranked as a mid-to-late 1st round pick with a focus on converting him to a safety…. but I think he’s proven to be a bust. I have no problem passing on Dalton, as anyone wh ohas actually watched him sees that he hasn’t looked too good (AJ Green bails him out nad pads his stats, but without one of the two best WRs in the league he hasn’t been too good)… but passing on Kaepernick is inexcusable.

  2. WHOA! What a dick. He does realize that it’s fan that spend money allowing the NFL to rake in $9 billion in profit PER YEAR that allows him to make millions. Oh and the playing for “Him” nonsense.  I doubt god would condone this kind of attitude. But we’ll never know because god is a fairy tale.

  3. He was trying to be funny felt thought he should have shown more respect for the byrdman than he did. And they didnt even give me a shout out.. not in it for the fame. But dude is the worst back we got. And instead of giving some real props and showing respect, playfully tells bryd that he raised him! @joeflitt

  4. Big franky by all means I dont want dalton as are starter but would of rather us drafted him instead of “blown coverage”. Is what hes known for might as well call him that

  5. Good for him. He played in one of the worst defenses this franchise fielded in it’s entire history. And honestly, if you’re feelings are hurt by something a 22 year old football player said on the internet…I don’t know, that’s just a little mental.

  6. He meant God when he said “Him” with the capital “H” ……..I think that kind of thing would be common sense……….guess not. He sucks and needs to get his shit together. Does he deserve another chance? Maybe just 1 last chance, then get rid of his sorry ass. We could have had Kaepernick instead of that bum. Wtf

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