It’s everybody’s story… who cares where it started? Right?

Here’s how the media works in 2012.

A news organization hustles to be first with a story.

Bills lease headline

Moments later, other media outlets join in with reports of reports. Twitter happens. Facebook happens. Reports of reports of reports of reports flood the market. It doesn’t take long for the hard work put in by the original organization to get lost in the shuffle.

It’s everybody’s story…  who cares where it started?


From Facebook:

Harry Scull talks trash

Harry Scull is a longtime photographer with The Buffalo News.

It sounds like he’s one of many at TBN fed up with the common newsroom practice of reading the paper in morning to set the agenda for the day.

Good for you, Harry.

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  1. Anyone who has heard those denigrating commercials WBEN runs that for some ridiculous reason tear apart the Buffalo News to try to increase their listenership will give this story a thousand LIKES!!!!

  2. This is such an important and critical point (to the 35 or so people in Buffalo that mildly give a shit). I equate this type of shit talking to the folks who type FIRST in the comment lines. Meanwhile, the smart people wait a week for the shitty media outlets to make their corrections, issue apologies and fill in the wholes to their stories. No wonder why people buy almanacs and encyclopedias…the Buffalo News and WBEN have been sloppily reporting since the invention of typepad, message boards and TV tickers…a shit job by all!

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