If you are a fitness enthusiast who likes to work out or participate in sporting activities, then chances are that you want a quick recovery. Unfortunately, your body may need…

If you are a fitness enthusiast who likes to work out or participate in sporting activities, then chances are that you want a quick recovery. Unfortunately, your body may need several days to recover after going hard at the gym. Research shows that CBD helps recovery. It is said that it boosts anandamide levels in our bodies. This is a chemical that makes us feel relaxed after rigorous exercises.

Benefits of CBD for Athletes

CBD has lots of benefits for athletes. After a laborious exercise session, athletes have to deal with pain and inflammation. CBD helps reduce pain by triggering various receptors. These include adenosine receptors, glycine receptors, and so on.

Muscle spasms and strains are common among athletes. They take time to heal. CBD expedites the healing process of strains. Its anti-inflammatory properties play a crucial role in muscle recovery.

When you subject your body to strenuous activities, you may at some point, feel nauseous or sick. CBD has strong antiemetic properties. This means that it can help you feel better and eradicate the feeling of nausea and sickness.

Some professional athletes such as Rose Rebagliati have used CBD for a while. It is not a banned or illegal substance for Olympians and you don’t have to be an athlete to use it. As long as you exercise regularly, CBD may come in handy.

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Contending With Pain

Regardless of the sport you are into, you have to contend with pain and aches. This comes as a result of pushing your body beyond its limits. Soccer, basketball, and tennis players go through this. Even though some players turn to opioids and NSAIDs for pain relief, it is not the best solution in the long run. These drugs also have a lot of side effects, for instance NSAIDs may lead to death. Prescription drugs for chronic pain may also interfere with your mental wellbeing.

CBD is an excellent and natural alternative. Using it helps athletes to steer clear from bad side effects. And although some athletes have benefited immensely from the uses of cannabis, it is not without controversy. Research on cannabis and sports recovery is still inconclusive.


In the NFL, players are regularly tested for CBD and THC. The league has banned the use of CBD. However, there are some players with opioid dependency and chronic pain. Players have even sued the NFL for making them play while they are experiencing excruciating pain. There have been talks of legalizing CBD for pain management among players and it seems like this could happen in the future.


The National Basketball Association doesn’t allow players to use cannabis. Players are tested randomly every few months and there are consequences for anyone using cannabis or any other illegal substance. Nonetheless, David Stern, a former NBA commissioner, has been advocating for lifting the ban on medical marijuana in the league.

Most sports organizations are against the use of marijuana. They look at it as a performance enhancement substance. They are also concerned that it may have health implications on the players. The good news is that the future of CBD sports looks promising as sports organizations edge closer to legalizing for medical use.