We know everything we need to know about them.

It’s 2013 and you can get a message to just about anyone.

Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.


Society is still working out the ground rules but taking out the frustration of a rocky start to the season on the 18 year old son of the local NHL team’s coach seems out of bounds.

 That was a strange start.

That one would be acceptable only if sent by the son of a different current NHL coach. Or possibly Ted Nolan.

“Hey dad, it’s me, your son. A guy on the internet told me to tell you to resign. Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Here. Let me Google that for you.

Regardless of any past or future accomplishments, we can say with 100% certainty that @Ryan_Yeates@JimmyG1692@J_Cullens, and @TweetHandleHere are bad people.

Don’t lend them money.

Don’t let them merge into your lane.

Don’t hire them.

Don’t date them.

Don’t trust them.

We know everything we need to know about them.

They are intentionally making our world a more miserable place.

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