An argument about poop.

The theme to this post is by John Carpenter.

5. No Really Someone Stop The WIVB Twitter Account

I saw this last night.

My response was to curl up into a ball beside my son’s crib to make sure he was okay through the night. Thanks, WIVB. Could you stop bringing me the most gut wrenching inducing stories to my Twitter feed please? You’re turning into a Lars von Trier movie.


4. So Long, Chris Kelsay, And Thanks For All The Things I Guess Wait What Position Did You Play Again

This is more of a statement on the past 13 years of Buffalo Bills football more than anything, but Chris Kelsay is the quintessential Bill for our time. He was around. Probably a nice guy. Good players made him look awful. He got paid.

3. Get Ready For The Biggest Empty Building Of Them All

To sum up this Channel 2 panel on the HSBC Tower: “We don’t quite have a uniform plan.” That building will sit empty, and it will sit empty for a while. Well, not completely empty. At least the rats will have a place to hang out. Maybe in our dystopian future we can preserve it as a landing spot for when future Snake Pliskin has to break into the prison city of Buffalo to save the Secretary of Agriculture.

2. Hello We Are The Peace Bridge Authority Stop Asking Questions

So if I’m getting this logic right from this Investigative Post piece about the Peace Bridge Authority, they are actually their own independent nation? Like… are we crossing into Peace Bridge Land everytime we cross the bridge? Is there an old man in robes who asks us three questions before we can pass? I’m so confused now.


1. They Are Arguing About Actual Poop

You can read the details over at the Buffalo News. They talk about sewage backing up into a high school.

Paladino accusing anyone of getting sweetheart deals or protection from government entities is a little ridiculous. Paladino is a developer in Buffalo, New York. That starting skillset includes graft and corruption. There is one thing we know about all of you, Mr. Paladino, in some way you are all getting over.

The thing that made me laugh the most was that when Paladino was tossed out of the meeting for being out of line, he did the classic “No, YOU’RE out of line!” before getting tossed. Spectacular.

Theoretically one of our city’s most important citizens getting thrown out of school board meetings over backed up toilets. Yeah, that’s about right.

BONUS: He’s going to run for the school board.

Trust me, you HateThis.

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