Sports, politics, and the gun debate.


5. Not Having The Second (First/Whatever) Round Of The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament In Buffalo Every Year

Getting kinda tired of watching all of these games in arenas that maybe have 1,000 people in them. We would do you so much better, NCAAs. (And we will. Next year.)

ncaa buff

4. The Disturbing Circle Of Life That Is The Titans/Bills Relationship

Remember when the Bills hired Gregg Williams and Kevin Gilbride and Jerry Gray and signed Eddie Robinson and they were all terrible? Hey, check it out now the Titans have Ryan Fitzpatrick and George Wilson and Andy Levitre. (Oh, and Gregg Williams!) That’s so weird.

3. Someone Wants To Build A Hotel In Amherst Which Means…

No one wants it. Of course not. Do people know what development is? It’s new stuff popping up.

“But I want everything to stay the same!” Well, we’ve been very successful in that regard for the past 30 years.

2. Hey Man I May Need That Assault Rifle For When The Soviets Show Up

A magazine limit and an assault weapons ban are the basis of the challenge. You don’t need an assault weapon and more ammo unless you are going to kill people. Way to out yourselves future killers we are totally tailing you now.

1. Quitting On An Actual Mayoral Race

I’ll take nearly any shot at change in this town that doesn’t have anything to do with Carl Paladino. Sergio Rodriguez is running on the Republican ticket against Buffalo Mayor and political boss Byron Brown. He’s basically being told to sit it out.

ASIDE: Like the only stuff worth reading in this town anymore is stuff Jim Heaney does.

This is why this town fails. Politics played to maintain entrenched power rather than to nurture new and compelling ideas. Our political class continues to be one gigantic fart noise.


  1. I would have no problem with an assault rifle ban if the rifle being banned was actually an assault rifle. The ban is more about the guns parts than the actual gun. A pistol grip doesn’t make a gun more deadly. I’m no gun nut and I don’t think my home will be taken over by the government. I’m pretty liberal and often vote left but the state really failed on this law. They are banning .22 rifles and turkey shotguns because of how the stock is made… No one is saying the NRA should be in charge of making these laws but at least one person with gun knowledge could have come up with 50 reasons this law was poorly written.

  2. Stick to sports, not political commentary. The hotel is going behind peoples houses, also development in buffalo is crazy, we keep building new things even though we have less and less people to use them. Also, you know nothing about guns.

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