The Bills are 2-3. The Sabres aren’t playing. Time for D.J. Gallo at to crack wise.

The Bills are 2-3.  The Sabres aren’t playing.  Time for D.J. Gallo at to crack wise.

The Stinktowns

1. Buffalo

Buffalo always seems to be near the “top” of rankings like this. Nothing going on right now changes that sad status. The Bills signed Mario Williams in the offseason and built some hope — at least as much hope as a Buffalo sports fan would realistically allow — but the team is now 2-3 and their three losses have been by an average of 28.6 points. The Bills are led by a retread coach and invested in a quarterback who can’t seem to remember which jersey color is his. Pretty hard to find a Harvard grad with that type of cognitive issue. Only in Buffalo.

Perhaps most depressing of all, Buffalo’s “good” team, the Sabres, doesn’t really exist right now. So it’s nothing but Bills Bills Bills as far as the eye can see/mouth can vomit. That fact that the city’s name is easily changed to BuffaLOL for Internet-mocking purposes is just the bitter icing on the cruelty cake.

Sounds like somebody hasn’t heard about #SabreSim2012.

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  1. Ho hum another column about how crappy I should feel because I follow the Bills and I live in Buffalo. Well I like living in Buffalo and I love my Bills & Sabres. So you know what I think of the stinktown list.

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