There aren’t many states in this country with different online gambling options, but Pennsylvania is one of the states with several options. Online sports betting went live in May 2019,…

There aren’t many states in this country with different online gambling options, but Pennsylvania is one of the states with several options. Online sports betting went live in May 2019, and online poker and online casinos followed closely behind. The online gambling industry is alive and well in Pennsylvania, and there is reason to believe that it is just going to continue to grow as the calendar turns to 2020. 

The state of Pennsylvania wasn’t the first state in the Northeast region to legalize sports betting or online gambling, but they are turning into one of the leaders in the industry. One of the biggest potential competitors to Pennsylvania is the state of New York, and it’s important to look at the future of both states when looking at this industry. 

Online sports betting is expected to bring in the most revenue in terms of online gambling, but betting fans are now given plenty of options in Pennsylvania. Online poker was just recently launched and tested across the state, and the returns were tremendous. 

If other major casinos recognize the potential for customers and revenue, then you can expect them to apply for an online poker or online casino license in the coming months. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top online casinos and sportsbooks before also looking at the online gambling scene in New York. 

Top Online Casinos

Legal online casinos are a relatively new thing in the United States, and especially in the state of Pennsylvania. State lawmakers have been working towards legalizing all forms of online gambling in recent years, and everything is now open and ready for business. 

The reason for the instant success in Pennsylvania is the terrific online casino companies that have launched in the state.

SugarHouse Casino was the first to join the online casino party in Pennsylvania, and they remain one of the top options. They are joined by Hollywood Online Casino and BetMGM. These three online gambling companies have the jump on the rest of the competition, but they will not be the only ones in the market for very long. 

New customer bonuses or sign-up bonuses are common in the sports betting industry, and that practice has now extended to the online casino operation in Pennsylvania. Most of the companies have combined offers between the online betting platforms in an effort to introduce new forms of betting to their customers. 

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Top Sports Betting Sites

The sports betting scene in the state of Pennsylvania has been growing by leaps and bounds in the previous months, and it doesn’t look like it is going to be slowing down anytime soon. There are a number of huge sports betting companies currently in operation in Pennsylvania, and a number of other companies are trying to break into the market.

Both DraftKings and FanDuel have online sportsbooks in the state, and they are two of the most recognizable sports betting companies on the market. They both got their start in the daily fantasy sports platform, but they have each made the smooth transition into the traditional sports betting market.

PlaySugarHouse is the mobile betting app and online site that was released by SugarHouse Casino, and it is one of the most downloaded apps in the state. PlaySugarHouse has a retail location backing it, and it’s been a smooth transition getting their previous customers to bet on the online mobile app. 

PlaySugarHouse was the first online sportsbook to be legalized and launched in Pennsylvania, but they have been able to stay atop the market despite facing stiff competition from other companies. 

The sports betting industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, and states with legalized mobile and online betting are reaping the benefits. Most states continue to see an increase in revenue with online sports betting, and that has been the case in Pennsylvania. 

Let’s take a look at what is going on in New York, where the same can not be said for the Empire State. 

New York Sports Betting Falling Flat

The state of New York was supposed to challenge its neighboring states for sports betting revenue this summer, but that has not been the case. There were some nervous people in the sports betting industry in Pennsylvania when New York went live this summer, but the latest numbers should put them at ease. 

The sports betting industry in the state of New York is falling flat, and the lack of mobile betting is the biggest reason why.

New York lawmakers were hesitant to legalize mobile and online betting when they launched sports betting, and it is costing the state a ton of revenue. The October sports betting figures for New York are in, and their revenue dropped from the month before. 

New York sportsbooks generated just $2.2 million, which was a four percent decrease from the $2.3 million earned in September. 

Sports betting has been up and running in New York since July, and the Empire State has racked up just $5.7 million in revenue since that time. These numbers are well behind the figures that have come from other neighboring states and are well short of the online gambling numbers that have come in from Pennsylvania. 

New York already doesn’t have online poker or online casinos, and so they are not a threat to Pennsylvania in that capacity. If the Empire State doesn’t legalize mobile or online sports betting soon, then it is going to continue to lose out on money to Pennsylvania.