Store 716 unveiled its latest product this afternoon.

New product coming soon – TAILGATE PLATES! Cutting edge parking lot dining technology.

Store 716 unveiled its latest product this afternoon.

Opinions range from “good”…

good idea

to pretty great…

pretty great

to regular great…

great idea

to awesome…

how awesome are these

to brilliant…


to exceptionally brilliant.

fucking brilliant

What else?

innovation million gamechangers problem older than time on top of tailgate game

A spokesman for Store 716 says they have 600 Buffalo Tailgate Plates in stock. They’re sold in pairs so they can fill 300 orders. More are in production but only the first batch is guaranteed to arrive in time for the Bills’ September 13th opener.

Now you can stand, eat, drink, and flip off the Patriots’ buses at the same time.

Football/tailgating season is in sight and we can all agree on one thing. wonderful time to be alive

EDITOR’S NOTE: At last check (2:00 PM on 8/20/15), Buffalo Tailgate Plates are still in stock.


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