When you explain your booing, it actually makes less sense.

So, Sabres forward Steve Ott states, as amicably as possible, “Home ice advantage can be real and fans play a role. You know that super fun thing you do when things are going really well? Maybe try doing that when they aren’t going well, too. It could help.”

It’s no surprise that those who thinking booing the team has a positive impact on anyone or anything miss the point entirely.

As dumb as booing may sound, the justification for it sounds ever dumber.

Even harder than what?

“We can inspire you? Well, maybe you should inspire us to inspire you! Ha!”

Yeah, we’ve come to expect them. Why do think we’re having this conversation?


Right, but you’re missing the point.

OK. Good.

NINETY YEARS! Dating back to the 1970’s! NINETY YEARS!

(My wife and I have been married for a combined 8 years… 4 years apiece since 2009.)

So, you’re not trying to ruin the atmosphere for me? You’re only doing that to my teammates, coaches, front office, owner, and the rest of the fans? I stand corrected. I’m now inspired.

So it’s Ryan Miller’s postgame interviews that are inspiring the boos? Glad we’re having this talk. It’s tough to pick that up in the context of the game.

This is actually true.

Yep. So maybe cheer/chant/inspire rather than boo/confuse/annoy? Just a thought. Do what you want.

Is this about Dick Jauron now?

Thank you! After we make the playoffs, we’ll certainly appreciate the energy that you will retroactively supply during the regular season that will have just concluded!

The booing only SOUNDS really stupid. It’s actually very astute and rooted in the community’s exceptional base of hockey knowledge.

Yep, that’s why “we” boo.

booing (1)Go Sabres!


  1. maybe you should think about putting a little effort into your plays,as harsh as this will sound we’d rather you got hurt scoring a goal than being a coward and playing it safe while refusing to attack. that makes buffalonians look like wimps. and we do not like being portrayed as so.  even those of us who no longer live in the upstate new york area have to hear about what losers we are based on how our teams can’t even make the playoffs. wake up you guys are professionals for the love of God play like it!

  2. I don’t boo, and I prefer that others wouldn’t either.  But I sure as hell won’t sit around with a high-and-mighty attitude expecting people to not boo if that’s what they want to do.  There’s nothing wrong with the “I’m spending $200 on this game for my ticket, parking, food and drinks, so I’ll do whatever the hell I want” argument.  If you buy a gallon of spoiled milk, you can take it back.  Short of leaving the game, there’s no equivalent as a fan to “taking it back” once you’re there.  And based on Miller’s comments a few weeks ago, the players don’t appreciate empty seats any more than they appreciate booing.I get that professional athletes are real people and real people wouldn’t want to be booed for any reason.  But  I don’t give my dog a treat when he craps on the carpet.  That’s called negative reinforcement.  Why this topic gets rehashed over and over in this town is beyond me.  Let fans do what they want.

  3. My personal itch with this is that these are players that are making 6-7 figure salaries – on half a season’s work, this year – and we (the fans) are spending our hard earned money to view these guys playing hardcore hockey. It’s hard to not get a little upset when we see our money, essentially, going to waste. That’s rough, especially in Buffalo and especially in this economy.
    To the players, if you’re making 6-7 figures playing a sport that most of us shell out lots of money to view/play in our free time, then you should be working your butts off to play, regardless of the fans. If I lax off at work, I don’t expect a cheering section from my coworkers to encourage me, and I usually get into trouble for it, and risk losing my job. I don’t depend on an outside group of revelers to cheer me on to do my job. I do what I get paid to do, and that’s work hard and earn every cent I get in my paycheck.  Even if the stands are pure empty, you should be playing as hard as you can to keep earning your money. That’s how employment works. You work, and take responsibilities for your work, not blame it on others.
    To the counter, I never “boo”  my teams. I’ve been a Bills and Sabres fan since I can remember and I’m used to the sting of losing and falling short. It’s because of that experience that I’ve learned never to give up on something. I also know what it’s like to have encouragement replaced with gripes and jeers. It can be incredibly deflating; taking the wind right out of your sails and the heart out of your game. Sometimes, knowing that someone has your back, even when you’re feeling that you’re letting them down, can definitely lift your spirits and give you the drive you need to keep fighting.
    So, while I will never be one to “give my dog a treat for crapping on the carpet” I will always be the one that encourages the dog to learn.  Therefore, Steve Ott – I love you in the Blue and Gold, by the way – I’m not paying money to be your motivational speaker, but I will never be your task master.
    TLDR: You get paid to play, no matter the crowd, so earn your money. But I’ll never be amongst those that put you down as long as you’re playing for my team.

  4. So , Ott thinks that we , the fan , should cheer on the Sabres for losing ? Or , coughing up the puck in their own end ? Or , letting the other team scores , AFTER the Sabres are on a PP ? Or , when the Sabres are playing like they would rather some place else , instead on the ice , is that what Ott , and some other players and some so-called ” sport ” writers on Buffalo are saying ? Get out of town ! Perhaps you should try playing , instead of going through the motions ! I have seen better playing from PeeWee teams who haven’t won ANY games than what the Sabres have done this season . The difference of those players than from a PeeWee team is the PeeWee team WANT TO PLAY ! And , they don’t get paid for that either . Besides , we the fan PAY to watch a PRO teams , TO play ! Not to give so-so effort to win , we pay YOUR wages , the least you should do is try to win ! Too far the Sabres have not TRY  , they only come to the rink and think that’s enough . And it shows . Then you get all riled up because the fans let you know that ?!? Why don’t you try and get a job , a REAL JOB , because you sure don’t want to play hockey anymore . AND IT SHOWS !!

  5. I remember when the fans supported their team through thick and thin. I’m sorry to say that those days are long gone amongst Buffalo fans who, rather than showing integrity, show how truly shallow and classless they can be. I’m pretty sure we’re being outclassed by Leafs, Senators and Islanders fans, and that is a truly sad fact.

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