Arena Cam must go.

We transcribed Kathryn Tappen’s NHL Network interview with Cody Hodgson after the Sabres’ victory in Toronto.

She spoke with him again last night via “Arena Cam.”

Maybe Hodgson’s dreamy, Liev Schrieberesque looks cause Tappen’s brain to melt.


Something certainly does.

Tappen’s first “question” went like this.

“What was it like to play in a game like this? I mean, goals left and right. It seemed like it was all over the ice as far as what the game was controlled with.”

Read it out loud.

Hodgson somehow “answered” before Mike Johnson jumped in to steer the conversation in a more coherent direction, saving Kathryn Tappen from herself.

Somebody had to.




  1. ahh..just went to her page on Wikipedia..this should say it all….lol
    In 2006, Tappen joined New England Sports Network (NESN), where she served as studio host for Boston Bruins games and as a lead anchor for SportsDesk. Tappen left NESN in 2011 for the NHL Network.
    Tappen is married to hockey player Jay Leach, who has played for the New Jersey Devils.
    Her hubby is currently an AHLer and if she gets help with questions from him, he needs to see a concussion specialist, just saying 😉

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