We vote yes.

So, Danny Briere needs a job, eh?

Flyers GM Paul Holmgren:

“I met with Danny last week and informed him of our decision to use a compliance buy out on his contract. This was a very difficult decision for us to make as Danny has been a very good player for us over the past six years. Danny came to our organization as a free agent in July of 2007 and has been a tremendous player, person and role model in all aspects and for that we thank him. We wish him continued success and best wishes in any future endeavors.”

Well Paul, if you still like him, why are you letting him go?


from capgeek.com

Good god, man.

And that’s AFTER lopping off most of Briere’s $6.5 million hit.

It’s Buffalo. We like the things we used to have.

See? We liked Briere back then. Do we still like him now?

Sure, he’s 35. That’s why he’s available and, theoretically, affordable.

Wrong comparison. Spikes is associated with an awful, playoff-less era of football. Briere was at the heart of a team we believe should’ve won the Cup. (Stupid staph infection.)

And that contract is gone.

Us too! (Except for the part about him being shot. He might be shot but we don’t KNOW it.)

The Sabres have the opportunity to reacquire one of the most talented and productive players in the history of the franchise after sitting out the crazy, overpaid years of his career. It’s a phone call worth making. If the change in ownership has helped any bitterness Briere harbored toward the franchise to dissipate, he might even answer the phone.

briereSay yes, Danny. We miss you.

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  1. Not exactly the “rebuild” player.  Used to be the “better keep this guy” player. Now he’s the “go to a contender” and play on the 3rd line player. Probably get one more overpaid contract.

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