It seemed like a good idea at the time.

On a rainy Saturday morning in the middle of July, the Buffalo Sabres posted a seemingly innocuous “congrats” to the newly married Drew Stafford on their Facebook page.

And then their “fans” decided to chime in.

Stafford FB

Just seconds later, the first comment and the first shot is fired.

Stafford FB

And they kept on coming…

Stafford FB

And, oh my…

Stafford FB

We’re sensing a trend here…

Stafford FB

But it’s just a dumb Facebook page, right? At least we know Stafford himself would never actually see this garbage.

Stafford FB

Good on you Drew.

74 days to opening night.



  1. Buffalo fans are so bitter and hateful…it’s a shame. This hate odd partly fueled by the sense of doom that prevails in our entire region, years of heartbreak and a local media that is primarily condescending, ignorant and negative. Why would any free agent want to come here?

  2. Anyone watch Necessary Roughness this week? TK was bad( nothing new there) and coach told him if he made one more mistake it was “off to Buffalo!”… In other words as far as any professional sports player was concerned this was their worst punsishment???

  3. that’s not cool. guy just got married. I honestly don’t want him on the team no more but I’m not going to say congrats on your wedding and now please get off of our team. Truly unprofessional by the fans that did that.

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