On Friday night, I took the portable TB DailyCast equipment bag out to Greg Bauch‘s house to record a conversation about his new book, Buffalo sports, and life in general. We had a great chat that never made it to this site because of “technical issues.”

The issues were:

  1. I was using a new laptop on which I have not yet tweaked the software settings to optimize the sound of recorded audio.
  2. I had my dog Harold with me.  Harold was tied up just out of reach of Greg and I.  Harold didn’t enjoy this arrangement and was quite vocal about it.
  3. I incorrectly assumed that Harold would be in the background and Greg and I would be in the foreground.  I never paused the recording to make sure that this was the case.

The result was 40+ minutes of completely unusable audio.  Due to popular demand, here’s a quick sample of what you missed.

We ultimately re-recorded the whole thing on Saturday afternoon, which you can hear here.

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