Stay Tuned!

I tweeted this out last night but wanted to make sure anyone coming here for the podcast is aware of the current state of affairs.  Among other things, I’m in the process of upgrading some equipment and rather than muddle through while that’s going on, I’ve taken a short break from the DailyCast.

Rest assured, the Monday through Friday podcast will return in the very near future.  Until then, there will be sporadic posts so please keep checking back.

The following guests are scheduled to join me over the course of the next couple of days:  Rich Gaenzler (aka The Bull) from 103.3 The Edge and Jim Kubiak, former NFL QB and standout at St. Francis HS.  Bull’s a well-rounded guy so I’m not ruling out any topic(s)  but I’m bringing Jim on specifically to discuss what the Bills’ improved D-line really means for their chances of success this season.  Kubiak podcast should be up late Tuesday night and my conversation with Bull should post sometime on Thursday.

I’ve got some other great guests who have agreed to come on but haven’t pinned down a date…  Tim Graham and Paul Hamilton are two. There are also some “national” names in the works.

Thanks for your interest in the podcast and in in general.

Stay tuned.

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