At least we don’t have to shovel rain.

Rain. Wind. More rain. Lots of rain. Let’s all just be thankful that Mother Nature schedules hurricanes during the warmer months. At least we don’t have to shovel rain.


Smart Thing 1: The Galleria of Treats

Those trick-or-treaters concerned about the Frankenstorm can always consider the Galleria Mall’s indoor trick-or-treat event (one of the largest of its kind in WNY). The “Galleria of Treats” is scheduled on Tuesday, October 30th, from 11am to 8pm.

Tickets are available for presale for a buck: the ante goes up to two bucks the day of the event, but all proceeds go to Kids Escaping Drugs.

I’ll be one of the many parents dressed as a Tim Horton’s customer.


Smart Thing 2: Buffalo Beer Week

Here’s another fun way to defeat the Frankenstorm: Beer Week! In the spirit of former mayor Jimmy Griffin telling the good citizenry of the Queen City to “Stay inside, grab a six-pack and watch a good football game” during the blizzard of ’85, this aptly-timed Beer Week should help raise our spirits during this week’s deluge.

The party started on the 26th, and the barrels keep rolling out until November 4th. Click here for a schedule of events.


Beer Day? No. Beer WEEK.


Smart Thing 3: DMV goes after DWI’s

Everything in moderation, folks.

The DMV is pulling career drunks off the road. Under new regulations that kicked in on September 25, “anyone whose license is currently under suspension as a result of a DWI will have their entire driving record reviewed by the state Department of Motor Vehicles when they apply to have it reinstated.” From WGRZ:

“The regulations mandate that anyone who has had five or more drug or alcohol convictions over the course of their lifetime will lose their license, as well anyone who has had three or more convictions, and at lease one serious driving offense, over the last 25 years.”

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s no small project: the DMV estimates some 20,000 drivers could be targeted by the review board.

It might feel odd to do so, but I’m actually cheering for the DMV for once. Take a look at the number of fatalities due to drunken driving in past years – the numbers and percentages are staggering.

Scott Brown’s smart report at WGRZ (linked above) profiled one of these fatalities, which took place after a Bills game. It’s sobering stuff, and definitely worth a read by all Buffalonians this week.

Have fun this week, and stay safe out there, folks.



  • Note: “3 Smartest Things” is being produced to go along with the “5 Dumbest Things” series here on TB. “Why three,” you ask? Well – far be it from me to break our time honored tradition of berating each other on the progress of our fair Queen City. Tell you what, when the new Peace Bridge goes up, we’ll go up to five. And of course, feel free to follow me on Twitter to discuss all things trending in Buffalo, and check out my blog “Buffalo Sabres Nation” when you’re bored at work. Your boss will appreciate your increased productivity afterwards.


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