We should all be ashamed.

Trending Buffalo has been up and running for a little more than a year and new people stumble across the site every single day.

We understand how some of them find us… others, not so much.

We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of all “search terms” that have landed people at TB since we launched and we’re sharing some of our favorites. For each of the phrases listed below, a person asked Google “Hey, where can I learn about ____________?” and Google said “Talk to the guys at Trending Buffalo.”


Today’s installment contains 29 searches beginning with numbers and other characters.

  1. “dumbest comments about daylight savings time”
  2. “i have one arm”
  3. “just go in your pants”
  4. “thomas vanek was tired”
  5. “worst bills” proposed in the last ten years
  6. +brad boyes christmas
  7. +how did the girl on bachelor lose her arm?
  8. 1 always wanted to become a talk show host
  9. 1 arm chick from the bachelor
  10. 1 billion dollars to feed everyone
  11. 11 reasons why eric wood should never pay for a drink in buffalo
  12. 178 cm tall women 77 kg weight
  13. 2 girls girls having sex in there house but on the staira
  14. 2 girls have sex after snorkeling video
  15. 2 girls on the stairs
  16. 2 guys 1 horse gif
  17. 2013 where do you get your news from
  18. 24 year old jamestown joker
  19. 3 girls having sex
  20. 3 on one sex
  21. 3 people having sex
  22. 3 women 1 man having sex
  23. 3 women having sex
  24. 3 women make sex at the home
  25. 3 women together sex video
  26. 4 despicable people heckling brian ruff
  27. 5 point prison to buffalo
  28. 5 questions about bauch
  29. 5 reason why the buffalo begin to disappear

Much more to come. We’re not proud of this.

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