Now we know everything, right?

Terry Pegula joined Kevin Sylvester (and Andrew Peters for a shift or two) on Sabres-owned Hockey Hotline this morning. We were listening. We tweeted.

pegulaOK, “we need to hear from Terry” crowd, your dream came true. Was it all that you had hoped?

No, you didn’t get to be there but, honestly, you KINDA ruined your chances of that happening anytime soon when you acted like children at the season-ender with Black and Regier. Kevin Sylvester did what he could. He asked the “tough questions”… to his boss… on the radio.

Here’s the deal.

Terry Pegula bought the team with the intention of winning Cup after Cup after Cup. Nothing has changed. 3 years into his tenure, we’ve yet to see a parade but the goal remains.

Pegula is the perfect owner for the Buffalo Sabres. He’s emotionally and financially committed to long-term excellence and is allowing his people to work toward that end. You won’t agree with every organizational decision and you will never be privy to all of the information that goes into the thought process.

Until his commitment comes into question, there’s really no story here.

If you’ve got any questions, talk to Ted Black.


  1. Trending buffalo just acvused the fans of “acting like children”. Way to scold like a parent. How about you do your job and report. I’ll handle my own behavior instead of answering to some grad student with a barely read blog

    • @menotyouqwerty I think they were referring to people in the main stream media, notably Mike Harrington and Jerry Sullivan, if I had to guess.  Maybe Bucky, too.

  2. When I heard Howard Simon promoting the interview this morning on WGR, I thought, “Oh cool, it’s about time”…..then I gave it some thought and decided better of it.  After reading the awkward comments Mr. Pegula made at the HarborCenter groundbreaking, I thought it best to remain blissfully ignorant.  He’s a nice guy and a true fan, and the rest of us schlubs would probably be as awkward as he is when burdened with the spotlight of media attention.  I’m content to criticize “the organization” for mistakes like not firing Darcy, who’d the sign/didn’t sign, trade/didn’t trade.   Mr. Pegula is not above reproach, but he’s just paying the bills and piping in here and there.  If It’s up to Ted Black to convince the owner to fire Darcy and he can’t, then we need to replace Mr. Black too.  But the owner is the owner and we had best hope he doesn’t go anywhere.

  3. To think that Vanek and Miller won’t resign because they don’t want to be in Buffalo is complete nonsense.  They want to win a cup before they retire, or at least have a shot at it.  They are both smart enough to know Darcy can’t fix the problems he had a major hand in causing.  If Pegula wasn’t clueless, and we had fired Darcy, or at the very least put a VP of Hockey Operations over Darcy, we’d have a chance of retaining Vanek and/or Miller.
    And for the record, as the owner, you DO have to talk to people if you are the person who decided to keep a general manager that built a successful team for only 2 of his 17 years with the team.  This is especially true when the asterix on those two years needs to point out that the game was officiated differently at that time, and the soft, small, skilled players that Darcy covets actually could make the huge difference that he always seems to think they can.

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