This is how people found us. True story.


Trending Buffalo has been up and running for a little more than a year and new people stumble across the site every single day.

We understand how some of them find us… others, not so much.

We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of all “search terms” that have landed people at TB since we launched and we’re sharing some of our favorites. For each of the phrases listed below, a person asked Google “Hey, where can I learn about ____________?” and Google said “Talk to the guys at Trending Buffalo.”

(First installment is here.)

Today’s installment contains 22 searches beginning with the letter A…

  1. a dream if a girl wirh one arm working
  2. a naked teager pooping at streets
  3. a pair of big balls
  4. abc bachelor 2013 girl falling down stairs
  5. abc the bachelor girls talk about atlantis
  6. adam benigni credibility
  7. adam carolla says nice things about buffalo
  8. affectionate snuggle catherine sean
  9. alfred state naked slut
  10. america as we know it is over
  11. american actresses hot
  12. amerika cool gril hotel room sex
  13. angry faces yelling at eachother
  14. animated gifs blindfold
  15. any chance ryan nassib could be first round pick
  16. are buffalo dumb
  17. are the sabres going to make a trade?????
  18. are you still talking about the same topic?
  19. arguments that saying why we need a new football stadium
  20. arm nub girls photos
  21. art of dumping women
  22. awesome edifices

… and 44 more beginning with B.

  1. bachelor dumping girl without hand
  2. bachelor dumps black girls
  3. bachelor dumps girl with half arm
  4. bachelor girl no arm what happened
  5. bachelor sean lowe gives rose to the three blacks
  6. bachelorette guy who keeps saying hashtag
  7. balls are big
  8. batman poo brain
  9. be stuck next to that guy
  10. being a wife is your claim to fame
  11. big girl swimsuit
  12. bill bull ball sack gif
  13. bills draft the weed guy
  14. bills have not made playoffs since
  15. bitter things ruin christmas
  16. black clown shoe trending now
  17. blonde on fucillo commercial
  18. boobs and bush movies
  19. boy jumps off building germany 2013
  20. brain muscle tissue
  21. britney spears in 2000 and 2012
  22. buff slut san fran
  23. buffalo .com black man at hockey game
  24. buffalo bills marcell dareus is a bad player
  25. buffalo bills trending news had sex with three women
  26. buffalo cheating whore
  27. buffalo fall down while sex
  28. buffalo had sex with lady
  29. buffalo having sex with a girl
  30. buffalo having sex with girls
  31. buffalo hookers
  32. buffalo man takes poop in street
  33. buffalo ny married sluts
  34. buffalo ny slut
  35. buffalo ny sluts
  36. buffalo projects that never happened
  37. buffalo sex in jungle
  38. buffalo sex on youtube
  39. buffalo sex with girl
  40. buffalo sex with man
  41. buffalo sports disasters
  42. buffalo student suspended rowdy ousted sporting event
  43. wizard
  44. buffalorising is a joke

Much more to come. We’re not proud of this.

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