Did you vote this week? No? You suck.

Trust me, you HateThis.

Steve Grogan5. Oh Look The Bills Lost A Close Game To The Patriots


4. There Are Three Sports Radio Stations In Town Now

Combined they would form one good station. We have only two big league teams and they’re both terrible! What are we doing? I have to steal a radio telescope to find a station playing Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder but I can’t go to the bathroom without hearing some #HotSportsTakes.

Less talk, more rock.

3. I-86

Don’t ever drive on it. Ever.

2. Andrejgajda Sekera Said Mean Things About Us!

And we totally took the bait. He is right, though. North Carolina has better BBQ than us. And enough of us have moved there that they probably have good pizza joints and wings and such OH MY GOD MAYBE HE’S RIGHT. RALEIGH IS BETTER BECAUSE IT’S ALL US ANYWAYS.

1. 20% Turnout In The City For The Democratic Primary

If you don’t vote in primaries, only crazy supermotivated idiots will vote in primaries. Then we only get idiot candidates. Then we only get idiot politicians. I know you think they all suck. They all suck because none of us bother to make good people run for these offices.

Go out and make someone who is good run for office. Be active in your politics. Hustle.

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