Back in the 500’s, when you wanted to know the answer to a question, you went to church. Medieval monasteries kept records and you really couldn’t argue with them because…

"Why does my microwave still smell like burnt popcorn? LOL"

“Why does my microwave still smell like burnt popcorn? LOL”

Back in the 500’s, when you wanted to know the answer to a question, you went to church. Medieval monasteries kept records and you really couldn’t argue with them because they were the only ones who knew how to read and write.

Today, we have Yahoo! Answers. When you want answers, you can simply turn to the masses and collect viewpoints and opinions. Who needs church when we have the internet?

I love Yahoo! Answers. As you have no doubt seen from previous Trending Buffalo posts, I will sometimes visit Yahoo! Answers and offer my expertise on life and love. If I can help just one person with their relationship or heart disease, then I’ve done my work. By the way, stop going to Yahoo! Answers to ask why your chest hurts. See a Doctor!

These are real Yahoo! Questions from real Yahoo! Answers people:


Tips on eating slower?

I heard eating slower makes you feel more full. How are some ways I can eat slower? and how many times are you suppose to chew eat piece?

Dear Raphy,

I like to imagine that my food is someone who has wronged me, this way I can liken the chewing process to torture. You should be chewing each morsel of food one million times. If you lose count, start over. If you need motivation, watch ‘Pssst, Hammerman’s After You’ and imagine that your food is Hammerman.


As of 4-21-2014 is Tiger Woods dead?

I read online today that Tiger Woods died in Dominican Republic.

Dear Flo,
I think, if Tiger Woods died, it would be on the Yahoo! Homepage.

Senor Booker



Dear Senor Booker,

Judging by the 27 other Yahoo! Answers posts exactly like this, I assume that you’re talking about professional wrestling. Stephanie doesn’t know what she wants. She thinks she can control the monster. Part of her is probably even happy when that monster comes out. Try not to let it bother you, even though I know that you love her. That’s right, Senor Booker, I know that you love her. It’s clear to everyone but you. Why don’t you tell her? Tell Stephanie that you love her. Let it out. Maybe she loves you too.


History help?

Where did the first known Chinese civilization develope?

Dear Bree,


Whats your favorite victoria secret body spray?

need a new one!!!!!!!!

Dear Rene,

Please don’t make me choose.


Why doesn’t this pisces guy notice me?

I’m a pisces and never really find myself attracted to pisces guys and I don’t know his rising or moon signs but I have a Aquarius rising and a virgo moon and obviously a pisces Sun. I’m not the type of person to put my self out there and talk to someone, but when I did get the chance I defiantly tried to flirt with him, and he flirted back. After that we didn’t talk except for one time when he asked to borrow my scissors but I didn’t have any. Sometimes I catch him staring at me but that was only like twice and yeah so how do I get him to notice me and why won’t he talk to me! I swears this is why I don’t like pisces lol way to complicated, sorry no offence to any pisces.

Dear Melody,

Maybe next time, you’ll keep a pair of scissors handy, idiot.


How does hexproof work?

if i have a dungrove elder equiped with a eldraiz conscription and he was blocked by kaijin the vanishing touch would the kaijins ability effect the elder? because i dont think it would.

Dear Joe,

What the hell are you talking about?


What can I do with a law degree?
I want to get a degree in law. What can I do with this degree?

Dear Sims,

You can ruin the world.


Looking for an anime dressup game?

I played it a long time ago. It was on the same site as dating sim games and everything was anime. There were cheats that allowed to you take the girls’ clothes off. Does anyone know what game this was?

Dear Jospeh,

I’m not sure, but keep me posted.


Is it alright for me to fight my friend’s boyfriend?

I’m a 15 year old sophomore in high school. My best friend who I’ll call C (female) had a boyfriend who I’ll call T. They used to date and seemed to love each other, but the relationship got abusive and they eventually broke up. I had a major crush on her, but before I could reveal my feelings they got back together three days later.

After telling him off, all of me and C’s friends were able to get rid of T from C for good. But lately T has been haunting me for the longest time. I revealed my feelings towards C, and her cousin A told T about my crush, and every time I look towards T he looks at me with a scowl.

From what A has been saying T wants me to lay off of C or else he’d fight me. But if T approaches me and starts anything, I have the right to fight back hard, right?

 I know this sounds cheesy, but I would die for C, and that’s the truth. So please help!

Dear Nico,

If C and A don’t want N to be with T, then you CANT.

Mary Carolina

So, my friends name is shay, and we call her slim SHAYd. My other friends are named ally and bailey, and we need gangster/rapper nicknames for them. If you can think of anything, please tell me!

Dear Mary Carolina,

Just go with A and B. It works for Nico.


Where is tammy j bay?

Dear Rik,

I thought she was with you. Great. Now we have to find Tammy J Bay.


Why might scientists classify a dog and an eagle in the same group?

This is one of the questions that is coming on my science test I really need an answer soon.
I cant find the answer.

Dear Maddie,

Have you seen Tammy J Bay?


Stomach hurts on school days only, is it stress?

For the last few months my stomach hurts EVERY morning of EVERY school day.

Dear Craig,

You’re perfectly fine.


I want to hook up my subwoofer but I don’t have the thick positive wire that comes from the battery.. I do have two weaker wires I can use, so my question is, if I connect both ends of these two wires, one end to the positive battery and the other two ends to the amp..will it be the same as the one thick wire?

Dear Kevin,

Stop being a baby and try it.


I swear I saw an alien!!!?
I’m not lying about this. I swear to god! I was in my bed reading a book, when suddenly I see bright light shone through my window. Now, I’m not the type of person who looks out if windows ever since I’ve heard stories of aliens looking through windows. So I was really frightened, and I went to a corner so the “aliens”, as I believed, wouldn’t see me. It went away a few minutes later. The next day, it was a thunderstorm and I was home alone with my brother (who was in the washroom at this time) and it was really dark in my house. I was in the living room when I saw something from the corner of my eye that scared the sh*t out of me. It was very tall, about 5-6 feet, had short arms, brownish skin and a barely visible face. I ran like to hell, screaming until I got into my bedroom. I locked the door, and the creature kept pounding on it. I screamed for my brother to help me, and he ran out from the washroom to come help. That’s when the pounding stopped. I kept my door locked for awhile until I knew my brother had come. I never saw that thing again, but now I fear for my life!! Plz help me, I’m really frightened right now!

Dear Ali,

This is Yahoo! Answers, not Yahoo! Ramble on about aliens without asking a question!

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