We’re asking a small favor. And, in our ever-giving spirit, we’re giving you an incentive.

Trending Buffalo’s content is free but…

We’ve got bills to pay. We’ve got mouths to feed. We’ve got holiday shopping of our own to do.

Every ad that you click generates a tiny bit of revenue. Every item that you purchase at Amazon through us gives us a small percentage of the cash that you’re already laying out.

One way that we can keep this thing going into 2013 and beyond is to ask a small favor. And, in our ever-giving spirit, we’re even going to give you an incentive to do us that favor.

Shop at Amazon.com via Trending Buffalo.


That’s it. Go to Amazon as you normally would. Just get there through our links. You spend the same money you would spend anyway and, at the same time, support Trending Buffalo. While you’re at it, please share this page with your friends.

Use any of the Amazon links on our site. Buy anything you’d like. Once you’ve completed your order, let us know what you bought by sending a tweet to @TrendingBuffalo. (We can see the purchases but not the purchasers. We’ll match up the tweets with the actual orders to confirm.)

Each item that you purchase between now and next Monday will give you one entry into our random drawing for 100 American dollars.

Deadline is Tuesday, November 27 at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Winner will be announced on Tuesday.


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