Tim Graham’s dream becomes reality.

This started with a promotional announcement from WGR’s Twitter account and an amusing reply from Tim Graham of The Buffalo News.


While the tweet may have initially been meant in jest, Graham and Wawrow confirm that they’ll be there… ready to drink beer and talk football. Let’s put these two events head-to-head and see which one is more worthy of your presence.

So far, Graham/Wawrow are in the lead simply by virtue of the low low price of free. But let’s see what you’re getting for your twenty-five bucks.


We can answer those questions on our own– Maybe. Manuel. Tuel. Yes. That was easy. (Also, it’s Delaware.)

Doesn’t seem worth $25 at all unless the “and more” blows us away. What else are you offering, WGR?


  • Insider info? Secrets? Completely different from what we hear when the exact same people are on the radio every single day? Now we’re talking! Unless it’s actually the exact same, in which case, this isn’t very special at all.
  • We can “get in on the discussion”?!? Amazing! Or, wait, isn’t this what we can do when the exact same people are on the radio every single day taking phone calls? Hmm.
  • Access to a cash bar?!? Whoa! Gotta admit that this is likely the only place in town with a $25 cover charge this Tuesday night. So, that’s special.

Side note: You misspelled your own guy’s name and, thanks to the shrunken font, we can tell you went the cut/paste route on “hors d’oeuvres”. No shame in not knowing how to spell a fancy French phrase for appetizers– but there should be some shame for making it so obvious…and for messing up “Delaware” and “Schopp”.

OK, let’s explore this Tim Graham/John Wawrow option a bit further.


Swannie House, 170 Ohio Street, Buffalo, NY (corner of Michigan/Ohio)


This would likely win an award for Buffalo’s least pretentious bar. Quote from a Yelp review:

I’ll keep it sweet and simple, because that’s how Swannie House rolls…

You come to drink pitchers of beers, and get cheap eats at a very low key/chill saloon. You can’t beat 25 cents wings on Sunday! Especially, when the weather is nice and you can spend your lazy Sunday out on the back patio.

No fuss, no muss…just a guaranteed relaxing time at a traditional Buffalo bar!

And another:

I don’t know if I should tell you about this. If you don’t know about this and don’t seek it out, that means my drink wait doesn’t get any longer. It’s means the kitchen can loiter over my fish fry and well-poured Guinness, because yours isn’t a factor. Okay, that would make me a selfish jerk. As I already am that, I’ll share on this point. Swannie is no b.s. dive bar, but a quality one, whose drink specials consist of just not overpricing their fare.


Tuesday, August 27, 8PM until ???

It’s the same night as the other thing but starts at a more reasonable time and ends when all the best parties do– at question mark.


No cost. Free speech!

After you plunk down $0, you’ll be granted access to a cash bar– with prices considerably lower than the Statler’s. There will be no food included with your $0 (non) ticket, but it does come with unlimited access to Swannie’s cash kitchen.


Tim Graham (The Buffalo News) and John Wawrow (Associated Press) have recruited some friends– Bucky Gleason (TBN), Jay Skurski (TBN), Rich Gaenzler (The Fan 1270), Shawn Stepner (WKBW Eyewitness Sports), Jonah Javad (WGRZ Sports), and Paul Peck (UB Football PBP) are all confirmed. We’ll send Brad Riter over there because he owns some microphones that may or may not get used. Even Mike Sullivan from The Kick Is Good will be there. There are other “maybes” on the list and an invitation will be extended to the guys at the “other event” to join in after they’re done with the expensive one. Don’t know if any will show but they’re all friends and most of them like beer so… ya never know.


Not sure. There will be people you recognize who “cover the Bills all day every day, all year long!” or something. They’ll talk to you. There will be beer. There will be food. There might be a PA system. There might not. If you spend $25, you will receive $25 worth of food/beverages.


Spread the word and we’ll see you there.


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