The photo isn’t the problem.

We all know where WBEN Radio’s bread is buttered but shouldn’t SOMEONE over there be embarrassed by this post through the station’s Facebook account this afternoon?


The photo isn’t the problem.

We all know who you are and the role you play, WBEN. When you chose to add this picture to your page, you really had two options.

A) Post a photo of the President kissing a baby and then sit back when (shockingly!) your listeners/readers/followers jump in with full-on racism. This option would give you plausible deniability.

B) Post the photo and then tack on a caption stating that “This one should stir things up.” This option would clarify your intentions, essentially saying “Fire away, racists! We’d love to hear what you have to say and host those words right here under our logo.”

You chose B. Classy.

Are you too lazy to even fake it anymore?


  1. Ha, you think that’s bad? Have you ever read the comments on channel 4 Facebook page regarding anything political? You’d think WNY was located in apartheid south by the shear amount of bigots that post there. It’s disgusting.

  2. Have any screen caps of the “racism”?  I’m not seeing any “racist” comments attached to this photo on their Facebook page.  Going by this logic, you and most of WNY are racist against honkies because of the things you said about Bush.

  3. @DeadBuffaloBlog This is pretty racist: “Joe Appenheimer Wow it is so funny how people want to play the race card so quickly you’re right though it is about time for the black man to get his fair shake in the entertainment business the music business, football basketball baseball business, television and movie business, let’s see it was not too long ago we had a black mayor a black governor and a black president so let’s see maybe get a fair shake in the political business, public service where you can actually score less then a white man on the test but get a job because of the color of your skin that shit is racist. There now I just pulled the race card too. Guess I’ll be considered a racist for speaking the truth unlike your president.”

  4. @DeadBuffaloBlog Then he said this racist thing: “Joe Appenheimer Wow did that skank you just call me Hitler haha I am off proud German descent Italian too so you already racially profiled me as a Nazi what do you have for my Italian side. Oh wait would it be racist to profile a white person as a Nazi because of their personal opinion? let go of the white guilt honey I’m pretty sure you or anyone you know has ever owned a slave”

  5. @DeadBuffaloBlog And “Mark Lauer too bad he is not in a hoodie” and “Meesa Kewl Don’t know what all this racist nonsense is. I’m sure he’s only kissing her with his white half !” and “Matthew Tartick “Ok Mr President, grab the first white baby you can get your hands on and kiss it, I’ll take your picture”, said the journalist. Very scripted.” and “Barbara Ann its only racist because u ppl don’t know the true meaning of racist and throw it around like u know what your talking about…YOU GET OVER BEING RACIST!!..blacks, whites, chinese, mexicans, ETC….you create your own problems!” and “Lisa Lombardo Channel 2 bunch of idiots. Big news he’s kissing a baby,other huge news.Where will he eat? Who cares? He’s Muslim,can’t eat anything but his own halal meat.Try getting some real news.”  and “John Wirth Obviously this is the Kenyan kiss of Death!” 
    Or as you said, no racist comments.

  6. Someone at WBEN needs to be responsible for their actions if they can’t get away with suggesting that a black man, let alone the president, kissing a white baby is considered “uncouth.” It’s 2013, for Christ’s sake.

  7. Actually the only racist thing going on here is this post…. you automatically assume because they captioned it “this one should stir things up” that it is racist… maybe they are suggesting that it will stir things up because even an infant knows tyranny when in its presence…. so glad I moved out of NY……

  8. Disgusting. But what else would you expect from good ol’ WBEN? Its the mouthpiece for a chunk of the local populus which thankfully will soon start dying off.

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