We’ve done some things well. We can do many things better in 2013.

tbAmong TB’s top accomplishments of 2012:

  1. Ending First Niagara’s horrible “rock and roll” ad campaign
  2. Getting to the bottom of a vandalism “cold case”
  3. Getting the Sabres to the playoffs
  4. Turning water into wine
  5. Accidentally persuading local celeb to change Twitter handle
  6. Assembling all-star cast of contributors from WNY
  7. Holding total legal threats against TB under 6

We’re optimistic that 2013 will rank in our top 2 years of all-time but we’re still trying to figure out what we are and what we should be. In the name of market research, we’ll throw a few informal questions your way and see where it takes us as we continue to navigate the landscape that is “Digital Buffalo.”

  • What do you like about the site?
  • What don’t you like?
  • What are we missing?
  • What are we doing too much? Not enough?
  • Which of our contributors do you find most valuable?
  • What would make you visit the site more often?
  • What would make you more likely to share Trending Buffalo’s content?
  • What’s your view of Trending Buffalo’s role in the online community?

PLEASE USE THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW to answer any (or all or none) of the above questions and let us know what you think about what we’re doing and what we can/should be doing better.

We’re listening.

We promise.




  1. personally I would like to see more “human focus” stories- stories on average people in the area that are doing things to better the community they live in.  Small businesses, volunteering, neighborhood watches, etc.  I can get all the big sports news I need from other outlets (and frankly, the sports in this town ain’t much to write about!).  Unless of course, you also start covering other types of “sports”- fun bowling leagues, judo matches, etc., things that the Buff News, and even Artvoice don’t cover.  just keep it interesting!
    Also, a “snazzier” web page would be nice.  Sorry to whomever designed it, I’m no web designer myself, but it’s kind of…. boring…. lol

  2. I enjoy all of your articles, but I think the site itself could use a bit of a facelift. Its pretty bland, and boring visually. Other than that, this was one of my favorite new sites!

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