It’s May so it must be time to start gambling on football!

Bills Point Spreads

It’s May so it’s time to start gambling on football!

Here’s what Sundays will look like this fall.

WEEK 1 – New England Patriots (-7) at Buffalo Bills
WEEK 2 – Carolina Panthers (-1) at Buffalo Bills
WEEK 3 – Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (-3.5)
WEEK 4 – Baltimore Ravens (-4) at Buffalo Bills
WEEK 5 – Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns (-1.5)
WEEK 6 – Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5) at Buffalo Bills
WEEK 7 – Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins (-4)
WEEK 8 – Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints (-6.5)
WEEK 9 – Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills (-1.5)
WEEK 10 – Buffalo Bills at Pittsburgh Steelers (-7)
WEEK 11 – New York Jets at Buffalo Bills (-1.5)
WEEK 13 – Atlanta Falcons (-3) at Buffalo Bills [Toronto]
WEEK 14 – Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)
WEEK 15 – Buffalo Bills (-1) at Jacksonville Jaguars
WEEK 16 – Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (PK)
WEEK 17 – Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots (No line but ummm, yea)

If you’re looking for suffering, you came to the right place!

Add it up and the fine folks in Vegas see the Bills going 3-12-1. (That’s not the proper way to interpret the lines– we know.)

Here’s your 2014 NFL mock draft.

Go Bills!

Notes to gambling degenerates:

  1.  That’s not the proper way to interpret the lines– we know.
  2.  Go to Tops right now, cash in your six giant garbage bags of empty cans and bottles. Bet those container deposits on the Falcons -3 over the Bills in week 13.

Bills Point Spreads

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