We’ve established a baseline for how ugly things can get in Sabre Land.

It’s been a frustrating year to be a Sabres fan.

Yesterday, we conducted a poll to gauge the “approval rating” of many of the individuals playing a role in the 17 game train wreck.

Just under 1100 people completed the survey with about 95% of our data acquired PRIOR to the announcement of Lindy Ruff’s firing.

The numbers certainly indicate it’s a move with mass appeal.


What else did we learn?

For the most part, we like the forwards…


… a lot better than we like the defensemen.


We trust half of our goaltenders.


We love RJ and don’t regret scaling back Harry Neale’s shifts.


Even the people who tell you about the team are keeping their heads above water.


And, when we look in the mirror, we don’t always like what we see.


The best part about accidentally conducting this survey on the day of Lindy Ruff’s dismissal is that we’ve established a baseline for how ugly things can get in Sabre Land. (Note: If you think fans hated the Sabres Tuesday night, what’s it going to look like if the team stays in the tank and the realization creeps in that Ruff wasn’t the problem?)

We’ll sit back, see how things look under Ron Rolston, and roll out the next survey when it seems like some of these needles may have moved.

featureThanks for your participation.

Your voice has been heard!




  1. We already know that it was Ruff being the problem . Have you ever seen any OTHER coach at the N.H.L. level , put a winger at center , a center on the wing , and , of course , a defense man at the wing ? I was surprised that he didn’t try putting Miller at center . 
    You know , when Rolston takes over , the players will act as a team . The question we should asking ourselves , how long that will last ? Once the honeymoon is over , they might go back playing like they did for Ruff . Or , they might want to fight for their jobs , I don’t know . I know one thing , it was 7 years late for firing Ruff .

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