UPDATED 4/12/2015 – Jagr signed in Florida so we traded for Ryan O’Reilly put his at 2nd line center… moved Reinhart to the 3rd line and bumped up Girgensons to…

UPDATED 4/12/2015 – Jagr signed in Florida so we traded for Ryan O’Reilly put his at 2nd line center… moved Reinhart to the 3rd line and bumped up Girgensons to play wing on the 2nd line.

Be advised… these lines might change again before October.





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  1. Not a fan of having Jagr on this team. I think they’ll look to the trade market for a #2 RW or they bring back Chris Stewart. Maybe add a defensemen from the FA market as well [Mike Green], but Niemi is pretty muck a lock to become a member of the Buffalo Sabres. I would also be okay with giving Lindback a contract as well making him our Backup for the 2015-2016 season.

  2. I say girgensons where jagr is Larsson where girgenson is and foligno where Larsson is, pysyk and bogosian top d line Georges and ristolainen and Georges 2nd d line and McCabe and ruewedel 3rd line trade zardorov our second 1st round pick and grigorenko for Matt Duchene and put him where Reinhart is and put Reinhart on the third line, mcdavid not echiel on first line, Phil varone where bailey is keep bailey in rochester

  3. No grigerenko? And no O’Reilly who we will inevitably trade him for? They’re more likely than Jagr. Also, I think Artus will be suiting up next year for one last run.

  4. Well, that’s about the stupidest projected line up I’ve seen lately.  Grandpa Jagr coming to a rebuilding team?  Bailey skipping the AHL?  McCabe isn’t ready yet.  Now signing Justin Williams to a 3yr/$4 million dollar contract makes sense.  Ruhwedel, or resigning Meszaros or Strachan is fine for a 7th D-man unless they can get a better D via trade or FA and use Weber as their 7th.  And I see TM bringing Neuvirth back at $4 million per.
    Ennis-McEichel-Kane                                 Risto-Zadorov
    Moulson-Reinhart-Gionta                           Bogosian-Pysyk
    Larsson-Girgensons-Williams                   Gorges-Weber/?
    Foligno-Grigorenko-Deslauriers                 Neuvirth-Johnson/?

  5. Just working with what we have, and not free agents, I’d put Sammy on the 3rd line with protected minutes, and Girgs alternating 1st and 2nd.  Eichel is generational, but still might need time to adjust.  Grigs can crack the lineup as a winger because of the lowered responsibility.  I’d probably put him to 3 or 4LW.  And finally, Nemo probably wouldn’t be a bad pickup, depending on the cost.  But you could probably also shop Talbot away from the New York Rangers.  Word as it that they have like no 1st rounders, or even high 2nd’s.  Let us also not discount the return of either Enroth or Neuvirth (but probably not both…)
    Ennis-McEichel-Kane               Risto-Zads
    Moulson-Girgs-Gionta             Weber(McCabe)-Bogosian
    Foligno-Reinhart-????               Gorges-Pysyk
    not sure if McCabe is ready so Weber, but if he is, later mikey.  And those lines are balanced by RD/LD.

  6. I feel like they’ll need to give up some NHL-Ready pieces that are up there to get O’Reilly. Grigo and picks won’t be enough. I also think they’ll have a hard time keeping Bogosian off the top line, despite Risto also being a righty. 
    You should also add who the coach will be. 
    If it’s Babcock, there might be a few current or former Red Wings in the mix. Helm might be a cheaper option than O’Reilly, or Babcock might want them to get one of their young guys like http://redwings.nhl.com/club/player.htm?id=8474679, Thttp://redwings.nhl.com/club/player.htm?id=8475193,http://redwings.nhl.com/club/player.htm?id=8475772,http://redwings.nhl.com/club/player.htm?id=8476822, or DeKeyser. Babcock’s people are telling me that he wants to coach wherever McDavid goes.
    If it’s McClellan, Niemi makes sense, unless they hate each other or something. The Sharks also have a lot of centers and not much else. They might be in for a rebuild.

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