The two of us would like three seats near a men’s room.

With today’s announcement that Sunday’s epic battle between the 4-7 Bills and 2-9 Jaguars won’t appear on local television, what are fans to do?

According to the antiquated  theory behind the NFL’s blackout policy, die-hards who can’t survive Sunday afternoon without the Bills will now fork over real American dollars to the local franchise for the right to witness the hometown team’s fifth win or eighth loss of the season.

In 2012.

Forget scalpers.

Forget StubHub and Craigslist and eBay and the rest of the online marketplace.

Forget that season ticket holders are giving these things away for free.

The NFL expects a blissfully unaware public to fall into the trap it set way back in 1973?

Who are the people actually buying tickets directly from the Bills?


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