The Bills played a night game against the Dolphins on Thursday. Here’s how it went.

Oh hello there. Ryan Nagelhout from The Roost here. The Bills played a night game against the Dolphins on Thursday. Here’s how it went.


If you’ve watched the last few prime time Bills games, you probably should be.

First Quarter

13:52 — Dolphins go three-and-out, punt (0-0 tie)

This is what their offense looked like for most of the night.

13:30 — Leodis McKelvin returns punt for 79 yard touchdown (7-0 Bills)

Touchdowns are easy!

10:00 — Tashard Choice gets stuffed on 3rd and 1 after Spiller gains nine yards on two carries (7-0 Bills)

Offense is hard.

8:48 — Ryan Tannehill throws 17-yard pass to Brian Hartline. Hartline fumbled. Jarius Byrd recovers fumble (7-0 Bills)

Oh man. The Dolphins are awful. I feel like someone should have told me about this.

7:25 — Ryan Fitzpatrick throws 15- and 16-yard completions to Stevie Johnson (7-0 Bills)

This is all going so well…

6:00 — Spiller runs for seven yards on two carries. Fitzpatrick throws incomplete pass on third down (7-0 Bills)

Better keep that knob handy.

5:07 — Rian Lindell kicks 32-yard field goal (10-0 Bills)

We should just use this one for every field goal tonight.

5:00 — Marcus Thigpen returns kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown (10-7 Bills)

We looked so good up there, too.

1:23 — C.J Spiller runs for seven yards on 2nd and 8. Spiller taken off the field on third down (10-7 Bills)

I’m not even going to say what happens on third down. You already know.

0:40 — Lindell kicks 34-yard field goal (13-7 Bills)

He’s pretty good at that. Let’s find a mediocre replacement to put in for the really important kicks!

Second Quarter

11:08 — Spiller brings Bills into red zone. Spiller taken off the field (13-7 Bills)

Let’s go down to Chan Gailey, who’s here to explain how he’s using Spiller.

Thanks for that, Chan!

8:57 — Lindell kicks 42-yard field goal (16-7 Bills)

That face is what you’d see if you watched Bills games in front of a mirror.

2:18 — Tannehill sacked by Mario Williams (16-7 Bills)

I’m not sure why Tannehill was throwing baseballs last night. That was weird.

1:50 — Spiller runs for 20-yard gain to the Miami 20 (16-7 Bills)

0:06 — Spiller stands on the sideline for six straight plays (16-7 Bills)

0:00 — Lindell kicks 19-yard field goal (19-7 Bills)



Third Quarter

11:22 — Spiller gets first down at Miami’s 39. Choice and Fitzpatrick combine for three yards on three plays. Bills punter punts (19-7 Bills)

Yell at everything that moves.

5:01 — Punt, punt, punt (19-7 Bills)

1:43 — Dan Carpenter misses 50-yard field goal (19-7 Bills)


8:42 — Tannehill throws 2-yard touchdown to Davon Bess. Ruled incomplete. (19-7 Bills)

Dolphins challenge. It’s a touchdown (19-14 Dolphins)

And here come the Dolphins.

4:42 — Buffalo kills about four minutes of game time. Bills punter punts out of bounds at the one (19-14 Bills)

Bills punter! I’ve always liked that guy!

2:13 — Tannehill sacked by Shawne Merriman (19-14 Bills)

Wait, who did what now?

1:54 — Byrd intercepts Tannehill (19-14 Bills)

Seriously, this was an amazing play.

1:24 — Bills go three-and-out. Bills punter punts (19-14 Bills)

Hey, at least Spiller got all three touches.

1:24 — Tannehill throws 18-yard pass to Bess (19-14 Bills)

Oh no.

1:17 — Tannehill throws 19-yard pass to Rishard Matthews (19-14 Bills)

Here comes the blood.

0:56 — Tannehill throws 17-yard pass to Hartline (19-14 Bills)

Hartline called for offensive pass interference.

Can’t do that.

0:41 — Bryan Scott intercepts Tannehill (19-14 Bills)


Looks like they got away with it.

You, at Thanksgiving Next Week

Enjoy the holiday, everyone.


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