I’d like to point out a couple of things that went right Wednesday night.

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I’d like to point out a couple of things that went right Wednesday night.

Alex Bauer writes for Black, Blue & Gold. He is an active supporter of LGBT rights, and frequently hits it in his writing on the Buffalo Sabres and its surroundings.

He points out in his post from today that the Rochester Americans showed a You Can Play Project video during their previous game. In the same game, they also showed two male opponents on the “Kiss Cam.”

There is a bit of a contradiction there. At one point you show a video supporting LGBT participation in sports while trying to cultivate a more inclusive atmosphere. Then the next you use a potential homosexual moment for comedy and mockery because HAHA YOU KISSED A DUDE. Alex jumps on it, but I want to point out a couple of things done right here.

1) Alex Wrote About It – Can’t point out problems unless you point out problems. Most people maybe even don’t know that it’s offensive unless someone says “hey not cool.”

2) Alex Wrote Directly To The Americans – He addressed the situation directly to those who are in charge of game presentation

3) The Amerks Responded Professionally – They had a customer who was unhappy and they listened.

4) The Amerks Did Something About It – It would be real easy to ignore Alex here as he is one person and maybe the only person who brought this up.

5) Alex Uses The Opportunity To Ask More Questions – While you have the man on the phone, find out how they produced their video.

Legwork (phonework whatever) is important in writing. It can be easy to mail in something and call it a day. Alex did the work. He made the phone calls. Now the Amerks have changed their policy because he did so.

Activist Journalism 101. Bloggers take note.

(OF NOTE: Patrick Burke of the YCP Project is now working to end the “Kiss Cam” gag league wide in both the AHL and NHL.)


  1. May I make a small addendum to #1? Or maybe slip this in with the Amerks’ professionalism.
    Alex’s original email was awesome. Just awesome. He was more professional and constructive in that than most people would have been. He went out of his way to take an approach that did not rub the Amerks’ nose in it, nor did he make an attempt to embarrass or shame them. It was extremely well worded and opened up communication, rather than closing it off.
    Thank you guys for giving his work some spotlight.

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