The Bills got blown out by the Patriots on Sunday.  That kinda ruined my Sunday afternoon. Now, it’s Wednesday.  The 2-2 Bills have moved on and are preparing for a…


The Bills got blown out by the Patriots on Sunday.  That kinda ruined my Sunday afternoon.

Now, it’s Wednesday.  The 2-2 Bills have moved on and are preparing for a road game against the 3-1 Niners.

The “fans” have not.


I get it.  You buy the tickets and the jerseys and pay $30 to park your car at the stadium.  You get to say and do whatever you want.  I’m not here to tell you how to think.  If I don’t like what I’m hearing, I can tune you out.  I can avoid Facebook and Twitter.  I can unfollow or unfriend you.  I can skip your blog posts.  I can put down the newspaper.  I can change the station.

But I don’t think I should have to.

Call me crazy (and you will) but I consider myself a Bills fan because I like the Bills.  And while I’m not oblivious to the two blowout divisional losses that they’ve already suffered, here’s what I see.

  • A 2-2 team in a division where no team has a better record than 2-2  (The Dolphins are actually worse!)
  • A quarterback that leads the league in touchdown passes
  • A (backup?) running back that led the league in rushing after Week 1, after Week 2, and likely would’ve led after Week 3 if not for an injury
  • A defensive line that racked up 9 sacks over a two week period
  • An offensive line that, in addition to piling up yards on the ground, kept opponents from getting to their quarterback for the first three games of the season
  • A 53 man roster comprised primarily of likable, seemingly non-pretentious guys

Here’s what I expect to hear back.

  • “…  with two blowout divisional losses!”
  • “…  and a QB who has been intercepted seven times!”
  • “…  who cares about stats?  It’s about winning!  Oh, and stop the run while you’re at it!”
  • “…  and couldn’t get anywhere near the QB in the games that really matter!”
  • “…  so what?  The QB keeps turning the ball over anyway!”
  • “…  I don’t need to like the players.  You know what I like?  Winning!”

These retorts have existed since Betsy Ross knitted the first football.

The thing is, they’re supposed to come from the PEOPLE ROOTING FOR THE OTHER TEAMS.


Do whatever you want.

I like the Bills.  You’re not going to stop me.

I give them as good a chance beat San Francisco on Sunday as I gave the Cardinals of winning in Foxboro in Week 2.


  1. I hate thoes Bills “Fans” who cheer for the Bills when the teams is doing well and then turn their backs when the team struggles. I’ve been through the Good(4 straight Super Bowl Appearences) the Bad(Music City “Miracle”) and the downright UGLY(Back to Back 2 win seasons) I have been through it all as a Bills fan since 1980, and the Bills will always be my favorite NFL Team.

    BTW: Some of thre criticism is justified but most of it is Complaining to hear yourself complain

  2. First off You like our Beloved Buffalo Bills Gutless play especially when the chips are down and it matters the most they fold and do not try. Is that what you do when people around you rely on you for a kings ransom? 1999 last winning season it’s 2012 I wonder what profits have been year in year out $$$$? Off our measly paychecks compared. Now Chan fixed the offense with out a doubt the Bills were allergic to the endzone now even with Fitzs pics they should be in games but defense folds is not hostile mobile agile just cashing checks with a smile on Mondays! Especially 37 G Wilson Bitch ass you can not be a BITCH at safety you need a set. Previous defenses scratch clawed made us proud with less in close games and loses with waaayyyy lllleeesss athletes! It’s easier to build a winning physical defense then offense Chans expertise as case more better D’s and few dominate O’s . Now I am still fuming over losses to Jet Pats why they verbally call fans teams vulgar just names and no response now you might not fightback and or go down swinging even if in losing situation like our beloved Bills Football but those of us who played and are knowledgeable of game know it makes a winning difference hence the tag emotional physical game! It’s a physical sport these players are just going through the motions! It’s going on 13 years since prideful play if your satisfied with be passive with no results business please call me I have plenty of business ventures you will be interested with just negative results for you profits for me! Call Me! GUTLESS PLAY MIND SET IS THE PROBLEM it is clear to me why you don’t see it your programmed to go along nod your head when told! BILLDOZER! Lets go or after 27 years I am out and enjoying my Sundays Outdoors!

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