My thoughts on “Chip Kelly Speculation Day” weren’t going to fit into 140 characters, so here we are.

ESPN Radio says that Chip Kelly has wrapped up 7 hours worth of conversations with the Cleveland Browns’ brass and is going to follow that up by meeting with the Bills tonight. Philly’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

My thoughts on “Chip Kelly Speculation Day” weren’t going to fit into 140 characters, so here we are.

Chip Kelly

Bullet points– kinda like tweeting.

  • Going back to yesterday’s “Bills are an afterthought” thing from Jason LaCanfora and today’s “token” thing that was going around, I nearly lost my mind. A report that something “won’t happen” isn’t a report at all. Boil it down and the best that a “won’t happen” report can possibly be is “I haven’t heard that.” Ludicrous.
  • “Cleveland’s the front-runner.” Really? Here’s what I can ALMOST confirm. Cleveland’s interested and Kelly isn’t disinterested. 7 hours of conversation is something but…
  • Leaving a 7 hour conversation without a contract is a bigger deal than having a 7 hour conversation. Remember the Mario Williams saga? “Oh no, he hasn’t signed. What’s he waiting for?” My position then was “When he leaves, we have a problem. Until then, this is good.” Same now. The 7 hours were good for Cleveland. The walking out the door part? Not so much.
  • Chip Kelly’s not the only guy out there I think can help the Bills. I’d be cool with hiring a guy who is simply AWARE of Chip Kelly. There are new and interesting ways to look at drafting, player development, roster building, and play calling. If my new coach recognizes and embraces information, I’m good.
  • Chip might not even be the best college coach named Kelly who could help the Bills. (The other one has a big game on Monday so you’ve gotta wait a bit to talk to him if you’re interested.)

It’s midnight and I just saw a tweet from the Bills that they “have interviewed” Kelly, Lovie Smith, and Doug Marrone. Seeing “interviewed Kelly” in the past tense might render all of the above moot as it pertains to Kelly coming to Buffalo.


It doesn’t make any of it untrue.

(Note: I may add more bullet points after publishing this. You can’t stop me.)


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