“You can tell, even in a limited throwing session, that he has been coached well over his career.”


  1. The Bills could use a quarterback.
  2. The draft is approaching.
  3. The Bills new head coach and offensive coordinator just left Syracuse.
  4. The Syracuse QB is draft-eligible.
nassib and marrone

See? They know each other.

For obvious reasons, we’re keeping an eye on Ryan Nassib. This week, he’s in Mobile, Alabama, practicing for the Senior Bowl.

Adam Caplan assesses the 3 QBs (Nassib, Mike Glennon, and Zac Dysert) who took part in yesterday’s 90 minute workout for the North team.

Ryan Nassib/6020/223/Syracuse

Arm Strength: 4.25

Comments: While he’s certainly not a power thrower, Nassib has plenty of arm strength. And he showed that he could hit on any throw 20 yards on in with accuracy and touch. The only issue he had was with throws 40-50 yards down field. On those passes, he put a little too much air on them instead of driving the ball off his back foot.

Accuracy: 4.5

Comments: Nassib threw with really solid timing and anticipation during this season. You can tell, even in a limited throwing session, that he has been coached well over his career. He threw to spots on the field as his intended targets were in the middle of their routes. Most young quarterbacks wait for WRs and TEs to get open—but not Nassib. He throws a very catchable ball and his pass placement carries the intended passing target for extra yards—rare traits for a college QB.

Mechanics/Pocket Awareness: 4.5

Comments: Nassib’s footwork was really good throughout the session. He throws with proper balance and timing. Save for a few throws where he rushed himself, Nassib was able to put the passes where he wanted them to go. And because he throws with good timing, he wouldn’t have taken many sacks.

Grade For Session: 13.25/15.0

Caplan’s got Nassib ahead of his competitors and he won’t be alone.

I’m not here to tell you that Nassib is right for the Bills but don’t ignore him as a very real possibility with the 8th overall pick.

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