Reggie Bush reminded everyone it was just a joke… which did nothing to prevent this from happening.

reggie bush

First, Reggie Bush did a radio interview in which he agreed with the sentiment that topless women in Buffalo were something he’d rather avoid.

Then we presented Reggie Bush with 8 Huge Buffalo Boobs.

Then this happened…






…  which did nothing to prevent this from happening.

“Piling On” Tweet

“Is This Even An Insult?” Tweet

 “Righteous Indignation” Tweet

“Now Look What You’ve Done” Tweet

“You’re Likely Infected” Tweet

“Silver Lining” Tweet

“Sinister Master Plan” Tweet

 “I ‘Drafted’ You So We’re Friends Now, Right?” Tweet

 “The Jerk Store Called” Tweet

“You Suck Anyway” Tweet

 “There’s An Unspoken Back Story” Tweet

“I Think About Marijuana A LOT” Tweet

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