What’s the opposite of “pay it forward?”


In the latest episode of Low Rent Life Coach, Chris Smith and I face, among other things, the ethical dilemma of whether or not to pass the burden of being a Buffalo sports fan down to your kids.



  1. As a former Tonorontonian/Buffalonian current guy living in a College town in Central New York with two kids I have a different take. My dad was born in London, England and lived on the street that Arsenal FC played on. They’ve since moved two streets over, but you get the point. When he emigrated to Canada, he tried to pass down his Arsenalness to me and my siblings. It didn’t take for me until the Internet. 
    I am passing down my fandom of Arsenal to my kids for two reasons. 1. So they can aspire to visit London to see Arsenal play. These days, kids can be a fan of any team. They should be fans of the local team, so I do force my kids to watch the Sabres and my wife forces them to watch the Bills, but one day I hope they’ll jump on a plane and watch Arsenal play the Spurs. I hope they’ll learn and sing the songs. I expect they’ll live Tweet (or the thing they do 15 years from now). 
    So, I’m saying this: pick another team from away. Like local, aspire international.

  2. I’m leaping through the horns of dilemma by raising a kid to not give two shits about sports. It’s a lot of bread-and-circuses nonsense. Get invested emotionally in the degree to which a bunch of complete strangers perform in a game they are paid absurd amounts of money to play? Not any more.

  3. its about being the underdog…and about being true fans…since I have moved to Maryland I have gone to a couple sabres/caps games…and the caps fans seem like zombies they all have Ovechkin jerseys on, and their chants are generic (like something you would hear at a little league game) there are bills backers bar that are packed in D.C. (not matter how bad they suck)

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