Breaking off an engagement, job seeking in the social media age, and, yes, swinging.


Chris Smith joins me for another episode of Low Rent Life Coach in which we discuss:

  1. the right way to convince someone to cancel a wedding
  2. turning over your social media profiles to a potential employer
  3. “the lifestyle” aka swinging


  1. Was genuinely surprised on the depth of the discussion regarding swinging.  Disappointed to hear the slur “tranny” roll off Chris’s tongue as it’s essentially the nigger/faggot for transgender individuals.

  2. I hate companies that ask for social networking information and I’m more or less the same as Chris in that I don’t really have anything damning on my profile, outside of a litany of profanities.  You get so poor a sense of a person from social network profiles that the task is essentially worthless, and I think most companies just find ways to talk themselves out of hiring someone for some stupid reason.
    I self-publish fiction in my spare time and frequently write about sex, death, religion, and a whole host of things that generally aren’t appropriate work topics.  Does it make me a bad employee?  Probably not.  But does it give an HR rep a reason they can use to justify not hiring me?  Sure.  I could write under a pseudonym I suppose, but I think it’s more reasonable to ask a company to be intelligent and logical and differentiate work me from private me than it is to ask me to go to such lengths to hide things that don’t need to be hidden.

  3. Thanks. I really like the topic about “turning over your social media profiles to a potential employer”. I think I prefer also not to share my personal information in my social media profiles with the companies I am applying with. I think that is the company’s way to get to know more about you.

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