Feel like going out to see the leaves this year? Plan ahead: use the Weather Channel’s interactive leaf map. The WNY area is currently in “near peak” leafy conditions.  …

Feel like going out to see the leaves this year? Plan ahead: use the Weather Channel’s interactive leaf map. The WNY area is currently in “near peak” leafy conditions.


Smart Thing 1: Lighting up those Monolithic Grain Elevators

My counterpart in “Dumb Things” isn’t sold on the idea that these old grain elevators still hold any value.  Fair enough – they are viewed by most as hulking eyesores along our waterfront.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the art community from embracing and repurposing the massive things. Most recently, the structures were used as backdrops for a light show.

Heck, it only makes sense to make the best with what we’ve got (so long as these things are still standing). Tourists driving down Rt. 5 shouldn’t have to cringe fearfully as they pass through our elevator graveyard.

Keep lighting them up, Buffalo. It’s fun, it’s pretty, and it makes a good impression on those driving through.


We need more RJ.

Smart Thing 2: Why Isn’t Rick Jeanneret Interviewed More?

We all love RJ in the booth. Turns out he also makes for a fantastic interview. This week, Nick Mendola at Buffalo Spree sat with the legend to talk all things Blue and Gold.

It’s a great read. His quick witted tongue shouldn’t be confined to just the press box – his smarts and mellifluous way with words work just as well on paper as they do in a broadcast.


Smart Thing 3: Bloomberg: Buffalo a “City on the Rise”

Tip-o-the-hat to Buffalo Rising for summing up this week’s article on Bloomberg.com that labels Buffalo as a “city on the rise.” The article touches (naturally, it would seem) on Buffalo’s architecture (primarily, the Martin House Complex) and moves on to other positive signs of urban renewal. From BR:

“Not to say that when the Martin House is fully restored, Buffalo will be fully recovered… it’s almost as if national media looks to that project more than any other as a litmus test to see if the city will indeed pull off a recovery that many thought would never happen. The Martin House narrowly escaped the wrecking ball and is making a remarkable recovery, albeit not as fast as some people would like, but the ongoing investment has managed to capture the imagination of people from around the world. Sounds a bit like Buffalo these days.”

For Buffalo, the words “any advertising is good advertising” hasn’t exactly been working all that well in years past. Good press, on the heels of some fine hard work, is very refreshing to see.



Smart Thing 4: We’ve got a 15 Year Old Novelist

A local teen wrote a novel, worked his butt off to cover printing costs, and was rewarded with a nice feature in The Hamburg Sun:

“It’s a western, and it has a little bit of mystery in it,” said Azure about his first book. The plot revolves around Clint Patterson, who travels to New Mexico after he inherits his dying father’s cabin. It is there that Clint embarks on a journey after learning of the legend of a treasured necklace. But Clint’s quest is not easy. He runs into trouble with a rival gang and a deceiving bounty hunter.”

Now, that is smart. WNY teens (and adults) take note – hard work pays off in this town (and isn’t that becoming a recurring theme here on Smart Things).




  • Note: “3 Smartest Things” is being produced to go along with the “5 Dumbest Things” series here on TB. “Why three,” you ask? Well – far be it from me to break our time honored tradition of berating each other on the progress of our fair Queen City. Tell you what, when the new Peace Bridge goes up, we’ll go up to five. And of course, feel free to follow me on Twitter to discuss all things trending in Buffalo, and check out my blog “Buffalo Sabres Nation” when you’re bored at work. Your boss will appreciate your increased productivity afterwards.

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