Nobody wants to fight you anymore.

Here’s what we know about former Sabres enforcer Andrew Peters. He parlayed physical strength and a willingness to fight into a ten-year career as a pro, most of it in the NHL. He retired from that profession in 2011.

Here’s what we’ve since figured out about Peters– even after hockey, in his world, words are no match for fists.

It’s a bizarre approach as he attempts to transition into the role of media member (on the Sabres-owned Hockey Hotline radio show and on WGRZ’s SportsExtra) and it keeps leading him back to what made him famous (locally) in the first place. He wants to fight.

When he’s outmatched in a radio conversation, he wants to fight. When he’s outgunned in an online chat, he wants to fight.

Step right up because Andrew Peters would like to punch you in the face.

Step right up because Andrew Peters would like to punch you in the face.

Peters’ latest scuffle took place on Twitter yesterday afternoon. It started harmlessly enough, when Tim Graham of The Buffalo News sent out this quick update before the Bills game.

Peters chimed in… and got chirped.

It had the makings of an epic dust-up but sadly, due to the deletion of most of Peters’ side of the conversation, we have to piece it together with an estimation of what transpired.

We can only guess that Peters said something here, although there is no record of it. Something along the lines of “I was a pro athlete and you weren’t so you suck and I do not” seems incredibly likely. Graham , who fights (well) with words, engaged.

This time it’s not a guess. We saw a tweet (since deleted) along the lines of “I was a pro athlete and you weren’t so you suck and I do not.”

Peters retaliated– “you’re such a pathetic dweeb”– deleted but recorded for posterity in Graham’s retweet.

Peters next tweet (since deleted) was something like “I thought you were cool then but now I know you’re just a media nerd/geek/dweeb/pussy.”

That’s funny– and entirely believable. Peters denied this incident took place– but then deleted his denial. Graham clarified.

Luckily for Peters– a dude named Mitch came to his defense.


(But, Tim, Mitch just finished playing Grand Theft Auto V– which just came out on Tuesday and takes HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS to play. See?) 

OK, back to Peters.

It’s true, Andrew. You were better at fighting professional athletes than most of the people you will encounter in your post-NHL life. Nobody can, or wants to, take that away from you. It’s also true that you’re often in way over your head when it comes to debate– on the radio, on TV, or online.

The decision to delete some of your posts shows a recognition that you were embarrassing yourself yesterday. That’s a good first step.

Now learn this. Nobody wants to fight you anymore. In the media, words win.

If you want to be a part of it, get better or get out.


We posted a link to this post and Andrew Peters replied.

Well played, Andrew.


  1. Peters got into it with Schopp during the lockout as well with his “I played and you didn’t” bs. Between him, Graham and Harrington with their daily twitter dust ups its pretty comical. I feel like I’m in HS again

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