I spent some time talking with Buffalonians about where they grew up…

Road Less Traveled Productions is getting ready to produce “Clybourne Park,” a play which deals with and exposes problems between the races, especially as they deal with housing and neighborhoods, in the 1950s. The second act provides a bit of a twist when the tables are turned in the 2000s.

With that as a distant backdrop, I spent some time talking with Buffalonians about where they grew up, why they’ve moved through the years, what their old places are like. The stories help paint a picture of what Buffalo was once like in a way a photo or a building just can’t.
Here are a few of those interviews.





If you have a Buffalo housing story of your own, Road Less Traveled is collecting them at clybourneparkbuffalo.com. It doesn’t have to be a fancy video, just a paragraph or two.
People are Buffalo’s greatest natural resource, and hearing them tell their story is one of the most useful ways to mine that resource in a way that tells the world what a great place this is.
Preservation is about more than buildings. If buildings are the bones of our past, stories like these are the heart and soul. Find some people you care about, listen to– and maybe even record– some of their stories, and help their soul live on forever as a part of what makes Buffalo great.


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