This is absurd.

This is part 4 of an ongoing series. View previous installments here: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3


Trending Buffalo has been up and running for a little more than a year and new people stumble across the site every single day.

We understand how some of them find us… others, not so much.

We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of all “search terms” that have landed people at TB since we launched and we’re sharing some of our favorites.

For each of the phrases listed below, a person asked Google “Hey, where can I learn about ____________?” and Google said “Talk to the guys at Trending Buffalo.”

This installment contains 7 searches beginning with the letter E…

  1. elderly tuberculosis podcast
  2. end of america as we know it
  3. end of america as you know it
  4. eric wood bad santa
  5. espn stinktown cities
  6. expert opinions on buffalo bills
  7. expert opinions on nhl lockout

… and 11 beginning with F…

  1. famous songs made on november 9th 1998
  2. fans who boo their own team aren’t really fans
  3. fat cchicz
  4. females having one arm only
  5. fire john koelmel
  6. fire lindy ruff
  7. fire mike schopp
  8. fitzpatrick benched
  9. fitzpatrick interceptions
  10. five things that suck about buffalo
  11. funny dumps sex

… and 12 more beginning with G.

  1. girl teaches sean arabic video
  2. girls got her milk
  3. girls haveing sex with everything
  4. girls having sex is buffalo on youtube free on youtube
  5. girls having sex on boat not on youtube
  6. girls having sex with it all
  7. girls hot hot girls
  8. give us a name vanek
  9. glass case of emotion
  10. good boobs
  11. great boobs
  12. guy pooping

Much more to come. We’re not proud of this.

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