I’d Like To Thank Mayor Tina Brown…

Michael Jackson is the foundation for modern pop, but also a creeper. Discuss.

Trust me, you HateThis.

5. Let’s Talk About This Picture, America.

I just… I can’t even. If it were up to me I would dismiss the case on that picture alone. But really stop calling the White House to say awful things about the President.

4. What Is Going On In Cheektowaga?

Okay, I do not know what is going on here but I cannot remember an incident of a police chief basically trying to get three teachers fired for talking to a former student/homicide suspect. Granted, this probably doesn’t HAPPEN that often.

I don’t know who to believe here, but the teachers broke no laws, and the way Chief Zack is acting here either the teachers did something very dumb or he is doing something very dumb.

3. Did You See The Debate On The Teevee? No, You Didn’t.

There was a mayoral debate in the city of Buffalo that no local televisions stations broadcast because they are hacks and chumps.

4 Your 2 Sides On 7 Late Breaking Tough Questions Fart.

WNYMedia has the footage. Watch it. then the next time you see a reporter from one of our three major stations out in public, punch him in the beanbag and tell them to pass it on to their news director.

2. What Is Going On In Buffalo?

mayoral debate

1. I’d Like To Thank Mayor Tina Brown…

Maybe if Byron Brown had accomplished anything in his tenure as mayor of Buffalo besides have his friends arrested for corruption the President of the United States would know his name. At least he talked up our city. Good news, everyone! The President said the fourth poorest city in the United States is “on the move.” Nowhere to go but up folks.


“Hey, aren’t you going to mention the WBEN Facebook picture thing?”

F*** those racists.

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