Here’s your winner.

We have a friend named David Jackson.

You may remember him from such TB posts as What’s It Like To Be  A Black Man At A Sabres Game? and What’s It Like To Be A Black Man On St. Paddy’s Day Weekend? or such podcasts as Interns Ruin Everything For Everybody and 48 Hour Film Project Comes To Buffalo.

Well, the 48 Hour Film Project DID come to Buffalo and here’s what DJ’s Hate This Films team produced… a 6 minute film entitled Shades of Assumption.

You can watch it on a much bigger screen at the “Best Of” Screening on July 17 at Helium Comedy Club. Tickets are $10 and available here.

Note: We’re still awaiting official confirmation that Shades of Assumption made the “Best Of” cut but, seriously, if it doesn’t get in– that’s just stupid.

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