We all miss the NHL and there’s only so far #SabreSim2012 can take us. Face it. It’s time to try to make friends with the NBA.

We all miss the NHL and there’s only so far #SabreSim2012 can take us.

Face it.  It’s time to try to make friends with the NBA.

Here’s the good news.  There’s a reason LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Dirk Nowitzki are stars.   As the rest of country is aware, night in and night out, the NBA is churning out a better product than the NHL.

Here are 9 reasons to give the NBA a shot.

  1. You’ll learn the important players quickly.  Watch any team for 15 minutes and form an opinion  because the stars are on display at all times.  No waiting around for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to take his thirty four second shift.  With 12 man rosters (typically containing 8 players that matter), you’ll be up to speed on the majority of the league in no time.
  2. The game looks and sounds great.  That 82 inch LED TV that you’re about to buy?  Yeah, that’s for watching this.
  3. TNT’s studio show with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith is the best in sports…  by a lot.
  4. The Draft!  Only 2 rounds long, features plenty of guys you already know if you watch the college game, and trades galore.
  5. Embrace the NBA and you can talk sports with people who live more than 5 miles south of Canadian border.
  6. It’s a game you’ve played.  Your gym class was held on a basketball court, not an ice rink.
  7. Americans are still the best in the world at basketball and the best of the best play in this league.  ‘Merica!
  8. You’ll feel cooler.
  9. They decided to have a season this year.


  1. 9 reasons the NBA sucks:

    1. Players lack toughness. They sit out for bruised fingers.

    2. Defensive efforts suck.

    3. 6 time-outs per game.

    4. The last minute of some games takes 10 minutes to play out.

    5. Metta World Peace.

    6. No physicality. Fouls are called for pushing.

    7. No drama or excitement until late in the game. Don’t leave your seat at a hockey game. You might miss something. At a basketball game, go ahead and take a half hour crap. Nothing matters until there’s 5 minutes left.

    8. Teamwork. I don’t watch hockey to watch the stars dominate. I don’t know anyone who does. There’s a reason why hockey fans love the Pat Kaletas and Steve Otts of the world. Anything can happen when any given line is on the ice.

    9. Honor and code. Hockey is a culture. There are unwritten rules, rituals, and traditions that everyone has a general understanding about. It’s a unique chivalry that can’t be found in any other sport.

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  3. @Alex By “intriguing” you mean it’s a good thing that everybody already knows what the final four remaining teams are??  In the NHL, any decent team has a reasonable chance at defeating a star team because of the team concept of the game… anything can happen just like in the NFL.
    The NBA is by far the most predictable of all the leagues, and has an embarrassing gap between teams like the Miami Heat, OKC, and the bottom-dwellers (which there are many).  The NHL has much more parity… the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup as a #8 seed just a few years ago.  I think an 8 seed has defeated a top seed once in NBA history, the chances of upsets are so much lower in the NBA.

    A lot of it has to do with the fact that the NBA is such a star-driven league where everything is me, me, me and they give their stars preferential treatment.  It happens in all sports but in the NBA it is the worst… not to mention there is a stoppage in the action every other minute.  Fouls, fouls, [too many] TV timeouts, fouls, regular timeouts, fouls, last two minutes takes 20 minutes to play.
    Talk about a snooze-fest.  In basketball all you really need to do is watch the last 10 minutes of the game, that is where the game is almost always decided between two equal teams. Lastly, there are way too many divas and prima donnas in the NBA.
    Patrice Bergeron played through the Finals with two broken ribs and a punctured lung from those ribs, in addition to a shoulder injury.  Derrick Rose did not feel like helping his team in the playoffs when they NEEDED HIM just to have a CHANCE — even after doctors had already cleared him well in advance — and therein lies the me-first attitude i am talking about.
    Bergeron gave everything he could possibly give to his team/fans, in a losing effort.  Rose selfishly decided against even trying to play a single playoff game, when it matters most and all the team doctors had already cleared him for.  Quite a difference in the level of commitment and sacrifice there.

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