You want to be there.

The Belmont Stakes will take place this Saturday. Isn’t it time you learned how to read a program and bet on horses the right way? We tipped off the podcast listeners a few days ago and now it’s time to let those of you without ears in our plan.


Western OTB “How to Read a Program” Event



3820 Ridge Lea Drive

Amherst, NY 14228


Friday, June 7

5 PM – 7 PM


Registration will take place from 5 until 5:30 PM.  (Note: there’s a bar.) At 5:30 PM we will begin our class/handicapping contest.

Each participant will receive a 3 race booklet which will include one race at Belmont Park (The Brooklyn Handicap) and 2 other races.  OTB officials will go over how to read a program and what to pay attention to on a racing program.  You’ll also get a “Program Glossary/Legend” that will help you remember what everything means once we’re done with the class.

Once the class is done, you’ll get to place $8 in FREE BETS. $2 will be for a free wager on the Brooklyn/ Belmont Double that will be taking place on Friday/ Saturday. $2 for each of the 3 races will be their bets for the handicapping contest.

Whomever wins the most money in the handicapping contest will win $50 in Free Play and 2 Free Dinners at Batavia Downs Casino.  2nd Place will receive $25 in Free Play, 3rd Place will receive $15 in Free Play.

Additionally, contestants KEEP ANY MONEY THEY WIN as a result of their free bets.  There will be advance wagering on the Belmont (we will have free programs for this too!) so you can place your Belmont Stakes wagers ahead of time.

OTB logo-largeREGISTER:

We ask that each entrant must be a follower of Trending Buffalo on Twitter in order to participate in contest, with number of  entrants capped at 30 people. If you want in, send us an email. Once you receive email confirmation, you’ll be guaranteed a spot in the contest as long as you physically register on site by 5:15 PM on the day of the event. Late arrival could result in the loss of your spot in the contest.

See you there!

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