To honor the people and organizations in Buffalo that “get” social media.

Welcome to PART THREE of the #2013Trendees award ceremony!

Here at Trending Buffalo, we spend an unhealthy amount of time judging others’ use of social media. We figured it was time to let the rest of Buffalo in on the fun to help us to honor the people and organizations that are doing it right.

We collected more than 4,000 votes in 34 categories over a 4-day period.

Here are links in case you missed PART ONE and PART TWO of #2013Trendee award winners announced last week.

Moving along…


Think of how dumb the average person is. Now think about the fact that half the people are dumber than THAT. The human race proves its dumbness in the comments sections of blog posts on a daily basis and the BuffaloNewsComments Tumblr does a great job immortalizing some of Buffalo’s finest!


Artisan Kitchen and Baths is doing a great job on Pinterest of piecing together the home you wish you had. Spend a few minutes clicking around their boards and your house will feel incredibly inadequate.  Now that’s social media strategy in action!


Nothing can incinerate your time like getting sucked into a Youtube video vortex and Steve Cichon’s StaffAnnouncer channel has 64 videos of Buffalo history to keep you completely glued. From news footage of the Blizzard of ’77  to the old “We’re Talking Proud” commercial… it’s all there in splendid lo-fi grainy goodness.


Kevin Rybczynski must have been one of the first Buffalonians on Instagram to claim the username “BuffaloNY” but he’s done our city proud.   To date, Kevin’s posted 3,436 (pretty awesome looking) images and racked up more than 7,000 followers.


Christopher Byrd has been a positive online voice in Buffalo for as long as we can remember. Though he says he’s been blogging since 2001, it feels like he’s been in our ears since at least the Carter administration. Part activist ( and part sports fan, he’s carved a big chunk of digital space for himself in WNY and uses social media to share his views on local and national issues. If the East Side of Buffalo had its own mayor, we’d throw our support behind Chris. For now, we’ll just give him a #2103Trendee.


Donnie Burtless, Alli Suriani and the rest of the crew at Buffalo Eats do a great job of reviewing/discussing the restaurants of WNY in a perfectly accessible way. Their blue-collar tone is ideal for a Buffalo food site plus we’re suckers for Donnie’s podcasts (72 episodes so far.) We don’t know them but, through Twitter alone, we like them—sounds like some good social media right there. If Trending Buffalo could annex one blog, it would be Buffalo Eats. We’re glad they won.


Pseudonyms, sarcasm, vulgarity, time to write and write and write, punctuation… Dear God Why Us has got it all. The Barrister received several votes on his own but collectively these guys have their finger on the pulse of, well– swearing, trolling, and humor. They wind up in an excessive number of online spats—but they’re almost always right, so whose fault is that? “The Deeg” will probably hate getting this award. We wouldn’t want it any other way. Other top vote-getters included (Brian Galliford), (Ryan Nagelhout), and (Joe Pinzone). Press Coverage from The Buffalo News also received votes.

#2013Trendee Winners

Best use of social media by a local restaurant/food business – Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream
Best use of social media by a local retail business – Community Beer Works 
Best use of social media by a local entertainment business / venue – Transit Drive-in
Best use of social media by a local corporation – Wegmans
Best use of social media by a local org/non-profit/cause – Ride For Roswell
Best use of social media by a local sports team/organization – FC Buffalo
Best use of social media by a local media outlet –
Best use of social media by a local political figure – Mark Poloncarz
Best use of social media by a local artist/comedian/musician – Dan Fisher
Best local Tumblr – BuffaloNewsComments
Best local Pinterest user – Artisan Kitchens and Baths
Best local Youtube channel – StaffAnnouncer
Best local Intsagram feed – Kevin Rybczynski
Best local sports blog – DearGodWhyUs
Best local personal blog – InDaBuff
Best local general interest blog – BuffaloEats

#2013Trendees still to be awarded

Buffalo Twitter – Most interesting
Buffalo Twitter – Most humorous
Buffalo Twitter – Most Likable
Buffalo Twitter – Most Hateable
Buffalo Twitter – Most Depressing
Buffalo Twitter – Most Informative
Buffalo Twitter – Most Chatty
Buffalo Twitter – Most Annoying Topic
Buffalo Twitter – Best Celebrity
Buffalo Twitter – Best Blogger
Buffalo Twitter – Best Media Member
Buffalo Twitter – Best Parody
Buffalo Twitter – Best Troll
Buffalo Twitter – Best Creeper
Buffalo Twitter – Best Profile Pic
Buffalo Twitter – Best Hashtag
Buffalo Twitter – Best Feud
Person you’d most like to see start tweeting
Person you’d most like to see stop tweeting


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