Honoring the people and organizations that are doing social media right in Buffalo.

Welcome to PART TWO of the #2013Trendees award ceremony!

Here at Trending Buffalo, we spend an unhealthy amount of time judging others’ use of social media. We figured it was time to let the rest of Buffalo in on the fun to help us to honor the people and organizations that are doing it right.

We collected more than 4,000 votes in 34 categories over a 4-day period.

Here’s a link in case you missed the first five #2013Trendee award winners announced on Thursday.

Moving along…


It probably helps that, unlike some other teams in town, we don’t constantly watch them lose on television but whatever it is, we get a good feeling when we think about FC Buffalo. They formed in 2009, started playing in 2010, and have used social media the entire time as a means to rally the community around not just the club but soccer overall. FC Buffalo earns bonus points for using social media to turn CNN’s Wolf Blitzer into an unofficial mascot. Other top vote-getters included the UB Bulls, Queen City Roller Girls, and SabresProspects.com. There was also one vote for “none they all suck on the field/ice and on SM.”


Dan Fisher isn’t funny, but you voted for him, so he wins. Fine, he’s pretty good on the standard Twitter/Facebook combo but he’s also the first one to make the staff here at TB laugh with his quick videos on Vine. This was a hard-fought category with comic/author Greg Bauch and musicians Jeremy Hoyle (of Strictly Hip fame) and Tim Britt also in the hunt.


The political version of social media, when done well, is more than a barrage of press releases masquerading as tweets and status updates. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz acts like a real live human being on both Twitter and Facebook, jumping into the conversations taking place among the “common folk.” He’s building a connection with constituents that can only help him when the election rolls around. Other top vote-getters included Congressman Brian Higgins and State Senator Mark Grisanti.


Buffalo.com has a great feel to it and the vibe extends into its staff’s use of social media. Their camera seems to find its way to every event in Buffalo— a great way to draw new people to the site. Creative use of a rotating cast of users behind their Twitter account helps to make them a fun follow. Other top vote-getters included Artvoice (sorry Chris and Alan), WGRZ, and Investigative Post.

#2013Trendee Winners

Best use of social media by a local restaurant/food business – Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream
Best use of social media by a local retail business – Community Beer Works
Best use of social media by a local entertainment business / venue – Transit Drive-in
Best use of social media by a local corporation – Wegmans
Best use of social media by a local org/non-profit/cause – Ride For Roswell
Best use of social media by a local sports team/organization – FC Buffalo
Best use of social media by a local media outlet – Buffalo.com
Best use of social media by a local political figure – Mark Poloncarz
Best use of social media by a local artist/comedian/musician – Dan Fisher

#2013Trendees still to be awarded

Best local Tumblr
Best local Pinterest user
Best local Youtube channel
Best local Intsagram feed
Best local sports blog
Best local personal blog
Best local general interest blog
Buffalo Twitter – Most interesting
Buffalo Twitter – Most humorous
Buffalo Twitter – Most Likable
Buffalo Twitter – Most Hateable
Buffalo Twitter – Most Depressing
Buffalo Twitter – Most Informative
Buffalo Twitter – Most Chatty
Buffalo Twitter – Most Annoying Topic
Buffalo Twitter – Best Celebrity
Buffalo Twitter – Best Blogger
Buffalo Twitter – Best Media Member
Buffalo Twitter – Best Parody
Buffalo Twitter – Best Troll
Buffalo Twitter – Best Creeper
Buffalo Twitter – Best Profile Pic
Buffalo Twitter – Best Hashtag
Buffalo Twitter – Best Feud
Person you’d most like to see start tweeting
Person you’d most like to see stop tweeting


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