There are many reasons to suspect the Sabres roster may be instore for some significant changes over the next few weeks. Here’s what to expect.

Sabres trade guide
  • Sabres Trade PlansCody Hodgson
  • Alexander Sulzer
  • Christian Ehrhoff
  • Ville Leino
  • Robyn Regehr
  • Brad Boyes
  • Raffi Torres
  • Rob Niedermayer
  • Jordan Leopold

These are the nine players that the Sabres have added to their roster since July 1, 2010.

They are also nine players that, before joining the Buffalo Sabres, were never mentioned as potential acquisition targets by WGR550, TSN, The Buffalo News, or any other media outlet for that matter.  To our knowledge, none of them were ever even linked to the Sabres in the nonsensical NHL rumor blogosphere.  (Update: The Brad Boyes trade was actually mentioned here by Eklund on before it happened…  broken clock, blind squirrel? )

Say what you will about his track record–  no one keeps cards to the vest like Darcy Regier. There are many reasons to suspect significant changes may be imminent, but based on the failure of past pundit predictions the truth about upcoming Sabres roster moves has yet to be revealed.

So with history as our guide, here’s a definitive list of five moves the Sabres will not make this weekend.

  1. Trade for Jordan Staal
  2. Trade for Rick Nash
  3. Trade for Paul Stastny
  4. Trade up for the 1st or 2nd pick in the draft
  5. Trade Ryan Miller for Patrick Kane

Now, here are 3 moves that might take place simply because they haven’t been mentioned yet.

  1. The Sabres trade Luke Adam and Nashville’s 1st round pick back to them for Mike Fisher to fit in as a gritty, two-way 3rd line center.
  2. The Sabres go all “New England Patriots” on us and trade down out of the first round completely to gather extra picks in a more talent-rich 2013 draft.
  3. The Sabres trade a boatload of picks, prospects and players to St. Louis for David Backes, or to Vancouver for Ryan Kesler, and completely reinvent the team’s leadership dynamic.

Have a few unfounded but plausible ideas of your own?  Post them below for us all to ponder.  Maybe we’ll even spark some new waves of rumor and speculation around the hockey world.



  1. Fisher, Backes or Kesler would all be so awesome.

    How about getting Pavelski from SJ? He’d be an instant fan-favorite with a good Polish name like that.

  2. Fisher wont go anywhere. He went to Nashville because his wife lives there. And he still has a past with Ottawa and would be too thrilled to sign with one of the Sens top rivals…

  3. I wouldn’t mind kessler or stastny. Sabs need a big #1 center with size and leadership. Wouldn’t mind getting a ryan malone type player too add. Trade roy sekera and mike weber.I hope they don’t bring back hecht and boyes and clear 7 mill.

  4. Nash for any veteran forwards, will move us closer to the cup. Try to keep Vanek though.Send Roy, Boyes, Leinno in a group and some cash if needed or picks.

  5. I think vanek needs to stay! He is our heart along with pominiville. But Roy boyes and anyone else can go. I think stahl and zach pariase from the devils would be awesome. Those two players along with hodgeson and ennius would bring a division crown along with president trophey and most of all LORD STANLEYS cup! Go get em Darcy and terry I know a lot of people in buffalo would want a statue of u because u would be an icon! Go sabres!!! Can’t wait till season starts !

  6. Not sure adding Gunner Stahl is a good idea. Kid had a great shot at the Goodwill Games but where has he been since then? Also, it’s not like Iceland is a hotbed of NHL talent….

    I think the Sabres need to move Roy. He’s a good player but he’s never going to be the go to guy that Buffalo needs. Trade him for picks or a couple of roster players that fit whatever team dynamic Buffalo is going for. It’s hard to acquire that marquee player now without drafting them or overpaying them on the free agent market. They can take a shot at luring Parise but I don’t think it’ll work. A cheap veteran option could be Petr Sykora. Played on a $650K contract and has scored 20+ goals every year. He says he wants to stay in NJ but maybe a 2 year $2 Million contract gets it done. And then you could always trade him at the deadline for a team needing some offense down the stretch.

  7. Fisher won’t leave Nashville, Kesler had shoulder surgery and might not be ready for the start of the season, and David Backes is the beloved captain of the Blues.

    Why not throw Shane Doan out there as a guy that is completely unreasonable to get but would change the leadership of the team?

    The guy the Sabres are sure to get is Bobby Ryan. Why you ask? The Sabres need a center really bad, so they’ll add another winger.

  8. All you people are saying the trade this guy , or that guy . Do you know what the problem in Buffalo ? Ruff . 14 Years and , nothing . If you haven’t won the Cup by that time , it’s not the players , rather , it’s the coaching . It doesn’t matter that players you bring , it’s still going to end up the same way . Either, they won’t make the playoffs , or , if they do , it’s first round and home . They won’t win with Ruff behind the bench . He’s went as far as he is going to go . They changed the players at least 4 times , and he still can’t win a Cup . What ? You think that changing the players AGAIN , will win ? Dream on . Ruff can’t even coach a peewee team to a championship . How is going to win in the N.H.L. ?

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